The EU promises new sanctions after accusing Russia of “atrocities” in the Ukrainian city of Bucha

Images of the city of Bucha – Mykhaylo Palinchak/SOPA Images v / DPA

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The president of the European Council, Charles Michel, has promised new sanctions from the European Union after accusing the Russian army of committing “atrocities” in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, north of kyiv and recently liberated.

“Dismayed by the appalling images of the atrocities committed by the Russian Army in the liberated region of kyiv,” Michel said in a message on Twitter, accompanied by the label “Massacre in Bucha”.

Michel has promised the Ukrainian government and NGOs the beginning of a “gathering of the necessary evidence to pursue the case in international courts” before promising that “new EU sanctions and more support are already on the way.”

The highest diplomatic official of the European Union, Josep Borrell, has also joined this condemnation with another message on Twitter in which he first congratulates the Ukrainian forces for “the liberation of most of the kyiv region”.

However, Borrell has also declared himself “shocked by the news of the atrocities committed by Russian forces” and has guaranteed that “the EU will help Ukraine to document war crimes.”

Borrell has proposed that the International Court of Justice be the instrument used “to prosecute all cases” before guaranteeing that “the EU will continue to firmly support Ukraine”.

Minutes earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba had accused Russian forces of orchestrating a “massacre” in Bucha and called on the G7 to issue a series of “devastating new sanctions” against Moscow, immediately.

“The Bucha massacre was deliberate. The goal of the Russians is to eliminate as many Ukrainians as they can. We have to stop them and kick them out,” he said on his Twitter account.

“I demand new and devastating sanctions from the G7 now,” added the minister, before proposing an embargo on Russian oil, gas and coal, the closure of ports to all Russian ships and goods, and the disconnection of all Russian ships of the SWIFT financial exchange mechanism.

One of the advisers to the Presidency of Ukraine, Mijailo Podoliak, had accused Russia this Saturday of handcuffing and murdering civilians that Ukrainian troops have found dead after retaking the city, northwest of kyiv.

“The bodies of people with their hands tied, who have been shot dead by Russian soldiers, were lying in the streets. These people were not in the Army. They had no weapons. They did not pose any threat. How many more cases are happening right now?” in the occupied territories?” Podoliak said on his Twitter account.

Podoliak has shared an image showing several bodies on the ground, one of them with his hands visibly tied behind his back.

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