The EU and the US continue to work together to “roll back” Russia in Ukraine


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The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, has indicated this Thursday that the EU and the United States are working together to “push back” Russia in Ukraine.

“The United States and the EU continue to work hand in hand to push back Russia’s attack on Ukraine and on the world system and economy,” the head of European diplomacy said in a post on Twitter after meeting with the secretary of US State, Antony Blinken, at a ministerial meeting of the National Association of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) in Cambodia.

For his part, Blinken has highlighted the work done to “support Ukraine” and has pointed to Russia’s responsibility.

The talks between the European and US representatives have also dealt with Iran’s nuclear program, how to preserve peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait or the advancement of security in the Indo-Pacific.

In addition, Borrell has shown his concern about the situation in Burma and has highlighted the role of the deputy prime minister of Cambodia, Prak Sokhon, as president of the National Association of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) “to address the worsening of the situation” in the country.

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In another step, the head of European diplomacy has expressed his willingness to deepen “our relations and bilateral alliances” with ASEAN and to work “on various issues of regional and global stability.” In this regard, the US Secretary of State has reiterated his commitment to the “centrality” of ASEAN.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced on Wednesday that ASEAN might rethink the peace deal agreed with Burma if the country’s ruling military junta continues to execute prisoners.

The president added that although the implementation of the consensus has not progressed as everyone would like, “it has led to progress, especially in the provision of humanitarian aid to those who need it most,” according to the Cambodian state news agency.

The agreement to which he referred includes, among other points, the immediate end of the violence, the implementation of a constructive dialogue between all interested parties to seek peaceful solutions, as well as the appointment of a special envoy of the president of ASEAN to act as a mediator to promote the dialogue process.

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