The EU agrees on fishing quotas in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean for 2024

This Tuesday, the Fisheries Ministers of the European Union (EU) reached an agreement on the fishing quotas in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean for the year 2024 at a meeting in Brussels, as announced by the Spanish Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Luis Planas.

The owners of the Twenty-seven have agreed on the Total Allowable Catches (TAC), that is, the maximum number of fish coming from specific areas that the entire EU can fish. The negotiations, which began last Sunday, also cover the fishing quotas assigned to each Member State in the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea by 2024.

The meeting concluded with agreement on the fishing opportunities in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean looking ahead to next year. Furthermore, for the first time, Fisheries Ministers have negotiated multi-annual quotas – covering two to three years – related to some Atlantic fish species.

“Agreement in the negotiation of EU TACs and fishing quotas. Very good result for Spain. We increase the volume and value of catches in the most significant fisheries. 11,000 tons of hake, the most important figure of the century,” Planas wrote on his profile on the social network X (formerly Twitter) moments after the agreement.

The latest details for the Mediterranean

At first, the Fisheries Ministers of the Twenty-seven were scheduled to meet starting at 9:00 a.m. this Tuesday to give green light for agreement on TACs and quotasafter negotiations lasted overnight on Monday.

However, The meeting did not take place until 11 in the morningwhile negotiations continued to polish the final details, especially regarding the Mediterranean Sea.

Until this Monday night, Spain still intended to reduce the 9.5% cut in fishing effort (days at sea) in the Mediterranean proposed by the European Commission for the year 2024.

Sources from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries have indicated that the Mediterranean is an element of concern for Spain because the initial proposal of the European Commission (EC) It was difficult for the Spanish sector to assumeas well as for France and Italy.

As for the Atlantic, many of the species of interest to Spain they had already agreed in the pacts that the European Union reached last Friday with the United Kingdom and Norway.

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