The espionage of the Pegasus case also reaches the phones of the President of the Government and the Minister of Defense

The Minister of the Presidency, Relations with Parliament and Democratic Memory, Felix Bolanos confirmed at a press conference this morning from Moncloa at the May 2 party that the pegasus system also tracked the cell phone on two occasions of the Prime Minister himself, Pedro Sanchezand once that of the Minister of Defense, Margaret Oaks.

“We are facing illegal and external interventions,” said Bolaños after the investigation confirmed by the CNI that will be extended to the rest of the terminals of the Council of Ministers and the autonomous communities.

Bolaños has also explained that the Government has taken these cell phones of the president and the minister to the National Cryptology Center which confirmed these infections.

To questions from journalists, the Minister of the Presidency acknowledges that the verification has been known in recent days and yesterday there was official confirmation of the facts, so he tries to explain this press conference from Moncloa in this way. Bolaños has been accompanied by the Minister Spokesperson, Elizabeth Rodriguez from the La Moncloa Complex.

The Government does not rule out that the espionage could come from another country or from an international company.

As detailed by the head of the Presidency, there were two infections in the Sánchez device in May 2021 and another in the Robles device in June 2021.


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