The Endesa League 2022-23 raises the curtain with “all the ingredients to make it a great year”

MADRID, Sep. 22 (.) –

The 2022-23 Endesa League was officially presented this Thursday with “all the ingredients to make it a great year”, especially after the success achieved by the Spanish team, made up mostly of players from clubs that make up the domestic championship and that can serve as a further boost.

The presentation, held at the Endesa headquarters, was attended by the president of the ACB, Antonio Martín, the president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosa, and the president of the Higher Sports Council, José Manuel Franco, as well as different players of the league like Álex Abrines (Barça), Dzanan Musa (Real Madrid) or the new European champion Joel Parra (Joventut).

Antonio Martín joked about his forecast of “a boring year” after having to deal with the suspension due to the pandemic and the subsequent lack of public due to the restrictions. “We are going to enjoy it,” added the manager.

The president of the ACB also wanted to remember the Spanish basketball team and the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, whom he congratulated for the successes that Spanish basketball has had, which in nine FIBA ​​competitions has managed to reach the final in all.

“We have enjoyed a lot this summer, not only for the senior team but for the Federation’s summer, which has been historic, I hope that it will be overcome, but it has been joy after joy. We have had a lot of fun watching this championship,” he declared. Anthony Martin.

The president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, acknowledged that he is “very happy” for what has been achieved. “We have had the privilege as a Federation to experience an incredible summer, I don’t know if it could be improved, but it is unforgettable,” he said.

Garbajosa explained that “it is not something spontaneous” but “the work of many for a long time.” “There is only one Spanish basketball, and if we have had Alberto Díaz, who is the national hero, or Brizuela, the Hernangómez, it is because of the clubs, the big ones, the small ones. All this great success this summer is also thanks to the work of the referees,” he said.

“Congratulations and thanks to the clubs, because this has been achieved thanks to everyone’s work for what we love most, which is basketball,” said Garbajosa, who knows what it means to win the Endesa League with Unicaja in 2006.


Also present was the president of the CSD, José Manuel Franco, who assured that Spanish basketball enjoys “excellent, iron health.” “We have all the ingredients for this year to be a great year, we start this weekend with the Super Cup, which is already going to bring us great days and then the league begins”, he declared.

“Not only the last title won, which I have been an exceptional witness to, enjoying and suffering. It has been the finishing touch of a wonderful summer, of 9 FIBA ​​competitions he has been in all 9 and has won five golds, it is something historic” Franco pointed out.

The leader believes that “the next ACB season is going to be euphoric”, since it comes with “this ‘reprise'” of the Eurobasket. “We have a magnificent organization, behind it there is a base that represents the organization and all the clubs, which form a great family, and a sponsor like Endesa, which I continue to believe that public-private collaboration in sport is essential”, he stated. .

For his part, the CEO of Endesa, José Bogas, took advantage of the occasion to value the joint social project of his company and ACB, the Endesa Corazón League, a program that was born in 2021 and for which the top teams Spanish basketball division have donated different objects such as shirts, balls or shoes.

The director stressed that “sponsorship with a purpose” was something that they started as soon as possible with ACB. “We do not intend to sponsor basketball for the sport that it is, which could be for effort, teamwork and other values, but to go a little further,” he said.

“What the Endesa Corazón League intends is to bring us closer to society, to give back through collaboration with it on social issues, not only the values ​​of basketball, which we like to show people, but to transfer and help and give back to the society through basketball”, concluded Bogas.

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