The electoral campaign is already in Congress with a PP cornered by the Government and Vox

The electoral horizon clouds the Congress. The chamber returned to normal, after almost a month of hiatus, with a plenary session in which the President of the Government was called to explain the agreements reached in the last European Councils and the anti-crisis measures. But Europe was in the background. Less than four months before the municipal and regional elections, all the parliamentary groups have used the chamber to step on the accelerator: the PSOE attacked the PP for its agreements with the extreme right, Cuca Gamarra focused on the law of only yes is yes, Vox charged against the popular to mark distances and United We Can insisted on their crusade for the shopping cart. Accusations in all directions were the norm in Congress and they will not stop being so in an election year.

“Why did you take the weekend off and not go to the demonstration on Saturday when what we were talking about is saving the country?” he asked ironically. Pedro Sanchez to Cuca Gamarra, parliamentary spokesperson for the PP and ‘number two’ in Genoa. The President of the Government did not let the last exercise of political balancing act of the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijó, which asked its affiliates to attend the ultra demonstration against the Executive this Saturday while the first line of the party stood out. “Show your face and don’t go away for the weekend,” repeated Sánchez, who recognized more “coherence” in this on the far right.”

And another thing that Sánchez did not miss was the tweet with Gamarra’s reaction to the attempted coup in Brazil. Although more than two weeks have passed, the President of the Government claimed this Tuesday the response to the general secretary of the PP, whose first response to the attack on the Brazilian institutions of the Bolsonaristas was a fallacious comparison with Spanish legislation after the reforms promoted by government.

Vox does not let go of the PP

The relationship between the PP and Vox will be the focus of the PSOE campaign and that is what has been seen in the second speech by the Prime Minister and socialist leader, who reproached Gamarra for his flirtations with the extreme right, reminding him that the counterparts of the Bolsonaristas in Spain they are “his partners” in Castilla y León.

It was difficult for the controversy over the anti-abortion plan that the PP and Vox tried to implement in CyL not to enter Congress and, indeed, it did. “The rights won are not questioned, they are defended. And if others, out of fear, their legs tremble to defend them, I tell them that the government’s hand will never tremble,” said Sánchez. Even clearer was the socialist spokesman patxi lopezwho addressed Gamarra like this: “Why don’t they show us the agreements they have signed with Vox? Why don’t they make them public? Do they not dare or do they not want to be more scary than they already are? “.

Genoa closed the controversy falsely, pushing Fernández Mañueco to reverse the plan, but neither the Government nor the extreme right have closed the chapter. Thus, Santiago Abascal also revived the debate in Congress with the same reproach to the PP as the Socialists: “When we negotiate something with you, are we going to have to ask these gentlemen for permission? It would be good to know.” The leader of the extreme right accused Feijóo of “disavowing” the Junta to the dictates of the “Socialist Party and the Prisa Group”.

Sánchez’s partners give him homework

Beyond these confrontations, the rest of the political forces have done the same. In the case of the PSOE members, including Unidas Podemos, their spokespersons have taken advantage of this first meeting of the year on parliamentary soil to urge Sánchez to unblock the main challenges still pending in the legislature, in addition to adopting new measures to deal with the dearth of life

The housing law has gained an important role during the interventions of the representatives of Unidas Podemos, ERC and EH Bildu, but also the reform of the gag law. Both regulations remain stranded in Congress awaiting an agreement between the Socialists and their partners in the investiture bloc.

The spokesman for the purple group, Pablo Echenique, has also asked the Prime Minister to establish caps on variable mortgages and the price of basic foods, which are experiencing an “unbearable” rise. His ERC counterpart, Gabriel Rufián, has challenged Sánchez to “work for our countries” instead of focusing “on the parties”, alluding to the Catalan Budgets.

Other groups have also alluded to Sánchez’s intervention at the Davos Forum in which he called to fight inequality. In essence, they have urged him to “lead by example”, as the spokesperson for EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua, has pointed out, and apply it to measures against inflation, with “intelligent price regulation”, and with the climate crisis , as added later by the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón.

Within this framework of the end of the legislature, the leader of the PNV in Congress, Aitor Esteban, has focused on another agreement committed to the Executive, such as the Basque and Catalan national lace, and has given a new touch of attention to the Government , shared by other spokespersons, with a view to the coming months: “If you don’t take care of this scruffy garden that Parliament has become, and you don’t nurture relations with your possible allies, this legislature will seem like a path of roses compared to The next”.

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