The Electoral Board rejects that Podemos is part of the left-wing coalition Por Andalucía

The Andalusian Electoral Board has denied Podemos and Alianza Verde the possibility of forming part of the coalition Through Andalusia. The body has rejected the written correction presented by the four formations that formally make up the candidacy (IU, Más País, Equo and the Andalusian People’s Initiative) so that the purple party can register as part of the alliance.

However, the Andalusian body has opened a deadline until 24.00 hours this Tuesday so that they can appeal this decision before the Central Electoral Board. But Podemos has already indicated that it rejects this possibility, according to the agency Eph.

The representatives of Podemos did not arrive in time to add their signature to the agreement that they had to deliver for register the coalition in the Andalusian Electoral Board. What has caused that Ione Belarra’s party is not formally in the coalition.

This difficult legal situation opens up an uncertain scenario for the purples, since not only will their logo not be represented on the ballot, They will also not be eligible for campaign finance.. Even so, the spokesperson for the formation, Isa Serrahas denied that they will be presented separately and that the important thing is “the political agreement.”


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