The Electoral Board of the Melilla Zone refuses to adopt measures on votes by mail without ID

The Zone Electoral Board (JEZ) of Melilla has refused to take action on the more than 700 votes by mail that have been issued in the autonomous city without its owner being identified at the Post Office with the DNI, before the agreement adopted by the JEZ on May 17, ratified a day later by the Central Electoral Board.

According to the resolution of the JEZ, to which the Efe Agency has had access, adopting measures on these votes “would prejudge some alleged criminal acts, as well as the direct annulment of votes that have already been cast.”

The JEZ, in its meeting this Friday, rejects the petition of the Coalition for Melilla (CPM) that the Electoral Census Office issued duplicates of the documentation of the votes by mail issued without showing the DNI in the Post Office “so that the affected voters proceed in accordance with the current requirement of very personal delivery.”

The representative of CPM in the Electoral Board, in his particular vote, defends that those votes cast without previously showing the DNI in the Post Office “have not had the final identification insurance measure” and “could be allowing a fraudulent use of the vote“, in addition to the fact that” it supposes a unequal treatment in the avoidance of an adulteration of the electoral result”.

CPM insists on taking action on those votes

He believes that this measure to “safeguard the purity of the electoral process” would not reach the votes cast previously, “leaking into question” its purpose, and insists on adopting measures on those votes because could be “essential” in the resultgiven “the tightness of the result of the last elections” between PP and CPM, of less than 200 votes.

On the other hand, the Zone Electoral Board has rejected the request of the PSOE so that the vote by mail is counted in a separate ballot box of face-to-face votes, since the Electoral Law “indicates that each table must have a ballot box for each of the elections that must be held and a voting booth”.

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