The eight grandchildren of Isabel II perform the vigil guard around the coffin of their grandmother

MADRID, Sep. 17 (.) –

The eight grandchildren of Elizabeth II have held a traditional vigil this Saturday around the coffin of the late queen led by the Prince of Wales, William.

The Duke of Sussex, Harry, Prince William’s brother, has also participated, as well as Peter Phillips, Zara Tindall, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenia, Luisa and Viscount Severn, James. The oldest is Peter Phillips, 44, while Jacobo is 14.

The eight have surrounded the coffin and have remained with their backs to him for about 15 minutes in what has already become a tradition of the British monarchy

Guillermo and Enrique have worn very similar black military uniforms. William’s is uniform number 1 of the Royal Mounted Guards and First Dragon Battalion adorned with the sash of the Order of the Garter, the Star of the Order of the Garter, the gold, diamond and platinum Jubilee medals and the wings of the British Royal Air Force.

Henry also wears uniform number 1 of the Royal Mounted Guards and First Dragon Battalion, the Knight Commander Star of the Royal Victorian Order, the Afghanistan Operational Service Medal, the diamond and platinum jubilee medals and the pilot’s wings. from army.

The question was whether Prince Henry could wear a military uniform at the vigil, now that he is not officially part of the Royal Family, but finally he has been able to wear it at the express request of his father, King Charles III. The other six grandchildren dressed in rigorous black similar to the one they have already worn in other acts since the death of Elizabeth II.

This tradition is formally called the Vigil of the Princes. It was inaugurated in 1936, when King Edward VIII and his three brothers, Albert, Henry and George, surrounded the coffin of his father, King George V. Since then it has only been repeated in 2002 with the Queen Mother.

Last Sunday it was the four children of the queen who held the vigil for about 15 minutes around the coffin in the Cathedral of San Gil in Edinburgh.

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