The doubt about the candidate for the investiture marks the meetings of Sánchez and Feijóo with Felipe VI

what will the king do Felipe VI this Tuesday? This is the big question being asked at the moment by both the PSOE and the PP. The Head of State must propose a name to submit to the investiture as President of the goverment. Or you can even put off that decision. The scenarios that are handled are varied, so Pedro Sanchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo They attend the appointment this Tuesday with uncertainty.

Both leaders can be chosen by Felipe VI. The top leader of the popular was the most voted list in the elections of July 23. But the numbers are what they are and the PP only has 139 votes tied to one hundred percent. Those of his deputies and those of UPN and Canarian Coalition.

They are not even taken for granted Vox Props. The far-right formation already “broke” with the PP last week in the vote for the Table of Congress. And this Monday the party led by Santiago Abascal warned the popular that they must explain what happened before voting in a hypothetical investiture of Feijóo.

For his part, Sánchez arrives at the meeting with King Felipe VI convinced that he will be able to obtain the necessary support to form a government. An objective that was already visualized in the votes of the Table of Congress, with the result widely favorable to Francina Armengol as president of the lower house.

But the reality is that at this time the sure support that the current acting President of the Government would have is that of his deputies (121) and that of Add (31). That is, 152. Sánchez hopes to reach a sufficient sum to govern with the support of PNV (5) ERC (7), Junts (7), EH Bildu (6) and BNG 1.

Of all of them, the only force that has been seen with Felipe VI has been the PNV. His spokesperson Aitor Esteban, made it clear that Feijóo is not given the numbers. But he did not guarantee his support for the PSOE either. The Basque party did not appear, unlike the rest, after dispatching with the king. And the rest of the sovereignist party did not go, as usual, to the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

The one who did do so was the acting second vice president and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Diaz. Galician politics recognized that the negotiations will not be easy, not even with their political strength. But she was confident that Sánchez will get the necessary support. Of course, she did not want to get wet about a decision of the king to which she shows “absolute respect.”

So things, Felipe VI will have to assess who has more support real. If Sánchez or Feijóo. Before them he will listen to Abascal. Without Vox in the equation, the Socialists would have a better chance with the numbers in hand. If the extreme right force secures its votes for the PP, this Tuesday Feijóo would have more support.

In both cases they are insufficient to be invested as president and the circumstance occurs that the decisive forces to tip the balance are those who will not have had meetings with the king.

No pressure or competition for time

What does the PSOE think about the decision that the king must make? Sources of the socialist leadership transmitted a clear message on Tuesday: “We are not in competition with Feijóo for the times.” That is to say, in the ranks of the PSOE they do not have a fixed horizon. “If the king decides that Feijóo is the one who goes first to the investiture, zero problems,” indicate the sources consulted by Public.

What’s more, in Sánchez’s team they slip that it would even be better for Feijóo to be the one who is appointed first by Felipe VI. “He still needs a third blow to get out of the shock. He does not seem aware of the numbers, he still needs a failed investiture as the third act of his failure after the 23J elections and the vote of the Table of Congress,” they add in Ferraz.

Therefore, the Socialists assure that they are not going to enter into pressures on the king, as they do consider that they are doing from the PP. They will act with institutional naturalness. “Whatever he decides, he will be well decided, the head of state has all the data,” they say in the PSOE.

That hypothetical first shift by Feijóo would give the Socialists more time to Negotiate with your potential partners, especially with Junts, who seems to be the most demanding force. In addition, it would leave a PP that does not even know if it can count on Vox very publicly touched.

Meanwhile, Feijóo’s PP continues to cling to the idea that they should attempt the investiture despite the fact that their support is clearly insufficient. In the scenery they have now tied the vote of the only representative of Canarian Coalition (CC).

To this end, they have called for the signing of a series of agreements, known as “canarian agenda”, This same Tuesday, before the meetings with the king of Vox, PSOE and themselves, which will close the round in the afternoon. After all this, the king’s decision will mark the next steps to be taken in the complex conformation of the Government that emerged from the polls on 23J.

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