The disturbing searches of César Sena on the Internet before and after the murder of Cecilia Strzyzowski

The study of the mobile phones and electronic devices of the Sena family has revealed some information of interest for the investigation of the murder of Cecilia Strzyzowski, the 28-year-old girl who disappeared last June 1. It was the last time a family member saw her alive. The next day a security camera captured images of the girl entering the house of her in-laws in the Argentine city of Resistencia.

Particularly interesting are the Internet searches carried out by César –son of a couple of Kirchner piqueteros with a lot of power in the province of Chaco and husband of the victim – on different platforms, before and after the date on which the prosecutors have determined that the young woman’s crime took place: June 2between 12:15 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.

On June 1 (the day before the events), at 6:43 p.m., the young man searched YouTube “how to dislocate an arm”. Something significant considering that the main hypothesis of the investigators is that César -19 years old and a fan of jiu jitsu- would have grabbed Cecilia by her back and he would have suffocated her with the mataleón techniquepressing the girl’s neck with his arm.

During the attack, on June 2, the victim – it is interpreted that in an attempt to defend himself – I would have made two scratches. Among them the one that he had on the left side of his neck in the days after the events and that are collected in some photographs taken during the campaign events attended with their parents, as if nothing had happened.

On June 4, César conducted two new disturbing searches: “can a revolver use a silencer?” and “this is how these criminals hearing their sentence“. So we got to June 5, then he asked Saint Google things like if “a murderer feels remorse”, “what is the mind of a murderer like” or “what happens to the soul of the loved one who dies violently”.

hint of premeditation

The fact that César Sena was looking for how to dislocate an arm the day before the murder of his partner is also relevant to the investigation because it could be considered an indication that it was a premeditated homicide. Barely a few hours later I was picking up Cecilia at his great-aunt’s house to undertake a supposed trip to Ushuaia.

That night they slept in a hotel. They arrived at César’s parents’ house on the morning of the 2nd. That same day they had to catch a flight to Buenos Aires. But the research also shows that the tickets were never bought. Needless to say, the girl didn’t know. She was totally convinced that it was. They tricked her.

So much so that the study of his mobile reveals that she was very excited with that trip. Among his latest searches: “how to pack a suitcase (suitcase)”, “what can be taken on a plane”, “where to buy chocolates in Buenos Aires” or “where to drink the best coffee”. On César’s mobile, however, there was not a single query about a possible trip to Ushuaia.

I was afraid of Caesar

According to the statement of a witness whose identity has been reserved, which was added to the case on June 8, Cecilia was “afraid” of César because he had been “violent” with her. In a conversation they had through the WhatsApp instant messaging platform, the young woman told her that during a discussion she had with her partner in her car, he told her “close the ortho” and when she wanted to get out of the vehicle he put her back in “by force”.

“It scared me,” Cecilia would have assured this person. “If he’s already crossed the line, who’s to say he won’t do it again and this time he’ll hurt me more”he added. On another occasion, she had already expressed her concern about the fact that her partner had stopped taking her medication “for the anger attacks she suffered”, so the young woman considered that “it was to be expected” that she would act so taking into account “he’s not taking his pills”.

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