The dirty campaign against Lula in the media and networks

As is customary at this time, the extreme right represented by figures such as Bolsonaro they understand the lie and the dirty campaign in the media and networks as a fundamental political weapon to achieve their objectives. The current electoral campaign in Brazil is by no means an exception.

This is how he explained it in Hispan TV the Chilean analyst Esteban Silva Cuadra already at the end of 2021: “It will not be the first or the last time that we are going to see Bolsonaro and his supporters building dirty campaigns of destruction and demolition against Lula.” What this analyst comes to say is that first they imprisoned the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) with a trial of lawfare based on lies And now that they have had to release him because all the causes have been annulled, they are going to continue using more and more lies in the media and on networks to try to prevent him from winning the next elections.

First of all, it must be said that the dirty pro-Bolsonaro and anti-Lula campaign has a fundamental leg in social networks. In fact, the arrival of the extreme rightist to the presidency of Brazil has a lot to do with the fakenews and misinformation in that digital leg. Bolsonaro is a figure that is a product of that dynamic. Already in April 2020, our colleague Julian Macias spread on Twitter a test of the massive use of botfrom false accounts on social networks, by the Bolsonarist campaign.

More than 30,000 automated tweets from Bolsonaro’s fake digital army turned into trending topic on Twitter the hashtag of support for the current president of Brazil: #DatingComBolsolnaro. Be careful, not “with Bolsonaro”, but “with Bolsolnaro”.

A truly amazing coincidence. It is true that there are people who are capable of committing the same misspelling 30,000 times, the word of a philologist. But 30,000 “people” committing the same misspelling on Twitter at the same time… “I don’t know, Rick”, maybe those people don’t exist and are bot automated. The only one who was a human being was the one who put the first tweet and pressed the button.

The dirty campaign, obviously, is not limited to social networks, conventional media power also plays an important role. There is a website called Lulaflix that collects a lot of fakenews, which have been published against Lula. I give you some examples of the imaginative fictions published by different Brazilian media. News from August 30, 2022. “Lula says he was acquitted, but he still has problems with the law.”

Another example, news published in Online Universe: “In defense of the State, Lula says: I am glad that nature has created the coronavirus”. One last piece of news OR DISCUSS: “Lula once again defends those who steal cell phones. The ex-convict for corruption and money laundering Lula said that we have a historical debt with young people who steal cell phones in Brazil.”

Now you understand why they call this website LulaFlix, right? Oscar for Best Screenplay for these journalism professionals, please. Beyond these delusional headlines, there are some hoaxes that are being the big hits of the dirty campaign against Lula for these elections. I mention three of them.

The first has to do with the disqualifications and lies that are being poured against Lula’s wife, Rosangela da Silva. One, for example, is to say by land, sea and air that this person is a devotee of an Afro-Brazilian religion. Come on, she’s not a Christian. The second star hoax, launched by Bolsonaro’s own team, also has to do with this: if Lula wins, she will close the churches.

This message may seem silly, especially considering that Lula already ruled Brazil for eight years and never made any policy of persecuting any religious freedom. What happens is that this is not just a thing of Bolsonaro and the networks, hundreds of Protestant pastors repeat it in their sermons in evangelical churches to dissuade people from supporting the progressive politician.

The media also replicate many. For example: Telam, news from August 16, 2022: “Bolsonaro started the campaign warning about the closure of churches if Lula returns.” This has grown so much that it has forced Lula himself to react and say publicly that he will respect the freedom of worship of all people.

The third omnipresent message of the dirty campaign of Bolsonaro in the media and on networks is to sow doubts about electronic voting, which has been in force in Brazil since 1996. In fact, the far-right leader won with this electronic system. But of course, now it seems that he may lose the elections against Lula. Then the thing changes and now it has dedicated itself to spreading the idea that this system is not safe and allows fraud. He thus prepares the ground for not recognizing the results of the elections in the event that Lula’s victory is tight.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s main adviser, Steve Bannon, was in Brazil also advising the Bolsonaro team. The fact is that the current president is repeating this argument so much and sowing doubts about the Brazilian electoral system, that the electoral justice determined on August 24 that the videos in which the far-rightist attacked, without providing any evidence, be deleted from the internet. reliability of the voting procedure.

Two more things that I tell you. The first, News from Rede Record, one of the main televisions in Brazil: “Spanish journalist affirms that the group founded by Lula has a criminal structure. According to her, the São Paulo forum received money from drug trafficking.” Well, do you know who is the “Spanish journalist” whose infallible and prestigious information this great Brazilian television has relied on to put the words “Lula”, “criminal organization” and “drug trafficking” in the same sentence? Cristina Seguifounder of VOX.

The fact is that this whole campaign of media intoxication and on social networks, logically, permeates and inflames the most recalcitrant sectors of the right. What does this sound like to us, right? On August 17, the digital metropoles He exclusively published some chats between big Bolsonarist businessmen who openly defend a coup d’état in the event that Lula wins the elections. For example, one of these messages: “I prefer the coup (d’état) than the return of the PT. A million times.”


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