The data supports the labor reform of Yolanda Díaz one year after its entry into force

“In just one year we have changed the paradigm of the job market.” It is one of the messages transmitted this Wednesday by the second vice president and minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz. It will be one year since the entry into force of the labor reform and the Ministry led by Díaz has valued the data that supports the new regulations. Notable among them is the temporary ratethe lowest in the entire historical series.

“It has been the end of bipartisanship in the labor reforms of our country“, Díaz has highlighted. From his point of view, all the labor reforms carried out in our country, 52 in total, walked in a single direction: deregulate the labor market and reduce the rights of workers. “They are the story of a failure that did not serve. Those reforms told us that there was no alternative and that we had to choose between unemployment and precariousness. We have shown that this was not true and that the world of work in our country is changing,” added the vice president.

“The labor reform is an example for the whole world because they recover rights”, the vice president proclaimed. “This is the Government of the workers and workers. We still have a lot to do but we are going to continue improving the lives of the people”, Díaz continued, even going so far as to emphasize that the current one is “the best government of democracy”.

The data that endorse the labor reform and that the Ministry has presented this Wednesday are the following:

-In Spain they currently work 20,545,700 people: is the number
highest since 2008, 14 years ago.

-Today in Spain there are 9.43 million women with employment: It is the highest figure in the entire historical series, never in our country have there been so many women working.

-Currently they work in our country almost 3 million people under 30 years of age: is the highest number of youth employment in the last eleven years.

-The number of salaried people is 17.4 million: is the highest number in all history.

-More employment and, therefore, less unemployment, because the number of people in unemployment It is below 3 million for the first time since 2008.

-The unemployment rate has dropped 2 points in the last year and stands at 12.67%: it is its lowest level in 14 years

-More employment and of better quality, because there are almost 13.9 million salaried people with a permanent contract: the highest figure in the history of our country.

-The private sector temporary rate has dropped 7 points in the last year and stands at 17.5%: it is the lowest temporary rate in the entire historical series.

-The temporary employment rate in Spain is close to that of European countries.

-The temporary employment rate of young people is close to that of European countries

-The temporary rate of women is close to that of European countries.

-Plus permanent and full-time employmentbecause the partiality rate fell 1.2 points since 2019 and stands at 12.8%: it is its lowest value since 2010.

-The percentage of registered contracts has stabilized above 40%.

-Since April 1, 44% of the contracts signed were of an indefinite nature, five times more than the historical series.

-Since April 1, 41% of the contracts signed by women have been indefinite.

– Since April 1, 42% of the contracts signed by young people under 25 years of age have been indefinite.

-The flow of temporary contracts presents an unprecedented reduction.

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