The data and testimonies that dismantle the hoaxes of the Kremlin about the massacre of Ukrainian civilians

On Saturday, April 2, images of the atrocities that had been committed in towns north of kyiv, temporarily occupied by Russian forces, began to go viral on social networks.

a locality, Buchabecame from that moment on war horror symbol, of something the West thought it would never see again: burned corpses, corpses piled in cellars, corpses tied up, mass graves and a trail of bodies in the main streets of the, until then, quiet Ukrainian commuter city. images like those of the now baptized “avenue of bodies” in the Sklovazod neighborhood.

The harsh images They spoke for themselves of the horror that the citizens of Bucha had to suffer and foreshadowed what could still be found in other towns north of kyiv, such as Hostomel, Irpin, Borodyanka, Chernigov, Kharkiv or Mariupol itself, a port city in the south of the country. besieged from the start of the invasion on February 24.

The reactions from NATO countries, the EU, the UN and other international organizations did not wait, announcing more and tougher sanctions against Russia, and the shipment of weapons so that Ukraine could counteract the Russian offensive in Donbas and the south of the country and avoid, as much as possible, repeat massacres like the one uncovered in Bucha. In addition, many Western countries, including Spain, expelled Russian diplomats after learning of the massacre of civilians. On Thursday, the United Nations General Assembly voted to expulsion of Russia from the Human Rights Councila decision that responds to the request of several countries led by the US, with 93 votes in favor, 24 against and 58 abstentions.

Russian propaganda enters the scene

As has happened over the last few months, Russian propaganda, with its political and media terminals in Western countries, very well oiled, has tried to deny the evidence. The Kremlin spokesmen, official and unofficial, have made an effort to demonstrate that such a massacre had not been the work of the Russians and that everything was either a ukrainian montage or, in any case, assassinations carried out by Ukrainian Nazis like those of the famous Azov Battalion, as has been read in messages on social networks, where it is surprising to see the number of profiles, with more or less followers, that justify not only the invasion, but also echo all the hoaxes propagated by Russia.

One of the first was to say that the Russian army left Bucha before the massacre took place, specifically on March 30. To give credibility to it, they add data such as that, after four days, the bodies “have not hardened, they do not have characteristic cadaveric stains and the wounds contain uncoagulated blood.” As forensic experts have pointed out, the low temperatures would explain the better preservation of the corpses.

In social networks, in addition, tweets have circulated in which it is stated that some bodies move after passing the Ukrainian military who first documented the massacre, or the journalists who did it later. This hoax, which is due to a mere optical effect, would have even contributed to the Embassy of Russia in Spain what, in his official Telegram accountnoted that in one of Bucha’s videos, “at 12 seconds, the ‘corpse’ moves his hand to the right. At 30 seconds in the rearview mirror you see the ‘corpse’ sitting down. Human bodies appear to be deliberately placed to create a more dramatic image. This is clearly visible if you play back the video at 0.25x speed.”

telegramrussian embassy.png

In the height of cynicism, and after days of spreading lies, Russia has asked that Bucha’s “monstrous set-up” be investigated, but that investigation “must be truly independent and impartial”, as the spokesman for the Presidency said russian, Dmitry Peskov in his daily telephone press conference.

At the same time that the Kremlin fabricated hoaxes about the assembly of Volodimir Zelensky, Ukraine denounced a change of tactics in the Russian army, a change that basically consists of leave no evidence. On the one hand, on Wednesday the Mayor of Mariupol said the Russians would be using mobile crematoria to make the bodies of murdered civilians disappear and thus hide the evidence with which they would be accused of war crimes. And, hours later, his own Zelenskyin his daily appearance, stated that he had “information that the Russian army” had “changed its tactics” and was “trying to remove the dead from the streets and cellars of the occupied territory. Murdered Ukrainians. This is just an attempt to hide the evidence and nothing more.”

Debunking Russian Propaganda

No matter how hard the Kremlin tries to erase the Bucha massacre and other barbarities, such as the Yesterday Friday missile attack on the Kramatorsk railway station in full evacuation of civiliansthere is much evidence, data and testimonies that would confirm that such a massacre has occurred and its perpetrators are Russian soldiers.

First of all, the own account of the journalists and correspondents. Everyone who has been on the ground affirms, without a shadow of a doubt, that between Russian propaganda and the Spontaneous testimony of survivors they have no doubts about whom to believe. In almost unanimous opinion, they point out that it is impossible for all these survivors, who number hundreds, to have been able to agree on telling the stories of atrocities committed with their friends and relatives by Russian soldiers. Not to mention the state of shock in which all of them found themselves after weeks hiding in a deplorable humanitarian situation. The agency Reutersthe British public broadcaster BBC, Spanish correspondents and from other countries have documented Bucha’s horror with videos and photos, as well as testimonies from survivors.

One of the first to document the massacre was Spanish photojournalist Santiago Palacios, both in the 5W Magazine in the report “The corpses of the Russian withdrawalLike on his Twitter account.

In addition, there is an increasing number of eyewitness accounts of Russian atrocities in Ukraine, such as Igor Chumak’s account, which provides Sandra Leon in digital freedom.

But as if the testimony of survivors and foreign correspondents were not enough, in the days following the discovery of the massacre, more data and evidence have been provided that would confirm it and therefore dismantle the propaganda and lies of the Kremlin and its spokesmen. .

Satellite images and German espionage

Satellite photographs of dead civilians taken in mid-March, thus well before the Russian army’s withdrawal on March 30, and published by New York Timeswould demolish the Kremlin’s theory of that the bodies appeared there after after Putin’s army left the town of Bucha. The graphic documents, which have been verified and analyzed by the investigative team of the American newspaper, refute the version of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In addition, this Thursday it was known that German espionage recorded talks between russian soldiers in ukraine which presumably proves that the shooting at civilians were part of Russia’s war strategy in that country and they were not isolated actions of some soldiers, according to the weekly spiegel. The BND (German acronym for Federal Intelligence Services) captured radio talks between Russian military in which the death of civilians and spiegel ensures that some of them can be related to the cases of civilians found dead in the streets of Bucha, near Kyiv. One soldier tells another on one of those recordings how he and another soldier had shot at a person on a bicycle, one of the iconic photographs of the massacre; In another conversation captured by the BND, a man is heard stating that “civilians are questioned first, then shot“.

The recordings were presented this Wednesday in the German Parliament and that from the BND material it is deduced that in the deaths of civilians in Ukraine members of the Wagner Group were involvedwhich “already stood out in its intervention in Syria for its special cruelty”.


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