The cynical message from a Chinese ambassador for Javier Milei’s decision to “get out” of the BRICS

After the sayings of Diana Mondinofuture chancellor, who assured that Argentina will not integrate the BRICS, the Chinese ambassador to Colombia, Zhu Jingyang, shared a provocative message. “It is not bad news, considering thatand with Javier Milei Argentina could subtract more than add to the BRICS”wrote.

Although the diplomat’s message closes with two laughing emojis, it is not a friendly statement for the Argentine officials who will take over the government.

In any case, Jingyang himself added a more conciliatory response to his comment: “BRICS is a platform at the service of unity, cooperation and the defense of common interests between emerging and developing countries. It is an open platform. China welcomes any country willing to become a member of the BRICS family”.

Jingyang took office in August this year, replacing Lan Hu, who became ambassador to Venezuela. He is a very active person on social networks who For almost 30 years he has worked as an official linked to Latin America.

Who is Rodolfo Barra, former Menemist official with a Nazi past and elected as Treasury Attorney

From 1995 to 2004 he was a civil servant, third secretary and deputy division head of the General Directorate of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. He then formed part of the Embassy of his country in Peru and in 2009 he was secretary of the General Directorate of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Between 2011 and 2015 he was in Argentina, since he was a counselor at the Chinese embassy in Argentina.

What Diana Mondino said about the BRICS bloc

The economist and future chancellor assured that Argentina will not integrate the BRICS. “We are not going to go back because it was never approved,” she assured, when asked about the completion of the country’s entry into the emerging market bloc. His statements were made in a brief contact with the press minutes before participating in the 29th Industrial Conference of the UIA (Argentine Industrial Union).

“Although these issues were already advanced, our concern is to be open to multilateralism and try to participate in the greatest number of organizations that allow us to respect international law, respect for human rights, open international trade,” he said in a report with Clarion.

“As far as I know, so far, I reiterate, the BRICS are more linked to political alignment than to advantages that could exist for trade between countries. In fact, with most of the BRICS we already have diplomatic and commercial relations.” , he added.


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