The CUP conspires to enter the Barcelona City Council to be “a permanent nightmare for power”

Less than two weeks before the decisive and close municipal elections in Barcelona on the 28th, the CUP is trying to overcome the majority of the polls -which leave it out of the consistory- and gain momentum to guarantee its presence in plenary session, with the aim of become a “permanent nightmare to power“. The phrase was pronounced by the former deputy in Parliament anna gabrielone of the main referents of the formation of the independence Esquerra, in his first public political act in the Catalan capital since September last year, when he had just returned from his home a couple of months ago swiss exile.

Gabriel’s return to a rally -which is pending the Barcelona Court set him judgment for disobedience for his role in 1-O- has taken place in Plaza de la Virreina, in the heart of Vila de Gràcia, without a doubt the most propitious neighborhood for CUP in the city, in an act with a strong weight of the national question.

In the municipal elections four years ago, the results of the anti-capitalists in Vila de Gràcia they rose to 7.5% of the votes, the best figure in the 73 neighborhoods of Barcelona and clearly above the average of 3.9% for the whole of the Catalan capital -in the entire Gràcia district remained in 6.2% of the votes-, while in 2015 it had reached 13.9%, a figure that contributed to the entry of three cuparian councilors full on.

Serve the “popular classes”

Gabriel has called for mobilization to recover the presence of the party in the consistory because “we are not going to the institutions to serve the dictates of no one but those of the popular classes“. And he added that if they manage to enter, they would cause a “headache” for the rest of the formations, “because we would not make it so easy for it to be outsourced, for them to be made pacts with the powerful or for red carpets to be laid for people with private interests”.

The head of the list of the formation in the city, Basha Changue, has assured that these municipal “also go for independence” and, therefore, the national question is “as important” as the social one. In this sense, she has claimed that the CUP it is the only option really pro-independence in Barcelona, ​​because “Junts has gone from defending a magical independence movement to resigning with Trias in Barcelona”, while “ERC has decided to be the regime’s crutch and its best way to defuse the conflict”.

Changue has claimed the vote for the CUP precisely to “keep alive” the political conflict and has stated that the formation wants Barcelona to be “engine in national construction and, therefore, in the attainment of the lnational liberation“. Among the proposals to advance in this area, the party proposes promoting a municipal assembly of elected officials from the Catalan Countries and create the Network of Cities of the Catalan Countries, starting with Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Perpinyà and Palma. The candidate has also attacked the Comuns, since she considers that together with ERC “she is part of the same operation of aappeasement of social conflict“.

Rejection of “speculative macroprojects”

In the act has also intervened Bernat Lavaquiolmayor of the formation in Seu d’Urgell (in the Pyrenees) and one of the spokespersons for the Stop JJOO platform -opposed to the Winter Olympic Games-, who has made a speech with strong environmental content and very critical of ” the speculative macroprojects that destroy our territory and condemn us to precariousness”.

Number 3 on the list in Barcelona, Adriana Fullhas also called for opposition to “these macroprojects” and has emphasized the national questionbeing convinced that a agreed referendum “it will not fall from the sky as a reward for good behavior.” “As if the State had ever been willing to negotiate something that would move us forward in the national liberation process“, he added, to conclude that the only way to advance on this front is that of “conflict and insist as many times as necessary”.

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