The critical members of the CGPJ are open to renewing the Constitutional Court but without respecting the Government’s deadline

The conservative bloc of the General Council of the General Power (CGPJ) has agreed to facilitate the renewal of the Constitutional Court (CT), but without respecting the deadline set by the Government, on tuesday september 13. These members are the most critical of the reform of the law that returns to the CGPJ the ability to appoint two of the four magistrates of the TC who finished their term in June.

The block had a meeting on Tuesday night to set the position that they will take to the plenary session this Thursday that will be held to designate the two CGPJ candidates to occupy the constitutional Court. The members will require duly consensual agreements, which can lengthen the process.

The President of the Judiciary, Carlos Lesmesalthough also critical of the reform, maintains the Government’s line and to renew the positions before the deadline, but sees it as difficult to reach an agreement in the coming days. The renewal of the TC needs 12 of the 19 favorable votesso it must have the support of the conservative bloc.

Extending the appointment that falls to the CGPJ can slow down the entire renewal. The Government will appoint two other magistrates for the Constitutional Court, but the replacement of the charges is carried out by thirds. There are doubts about whether they will be able to occupy the position or if they will have to wait for the other two assignments of the Judicial Power, warn legal sources.

The conservative bloc hopes to agree this Thursday on the “rules of the game”, that is, the internal procedure for appointing the candidates for the TC. The vocal critics of the Government reform consider it essential to respect the decision times of the CGPJ, according to Europe Press.


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