The Court of Appeals of Ukraine postpones until February 11 the hearing on the Poroshenko case

MADRID, Jan. 28 (.) –

The Ukrainian Court of Appeals has postponed this Friday until February 11 the court hearing to address the appeal filed by former President Petro Poroshenko after the Justice imposed precautionary measures against him in the framework of a case of treason.

As the court has indicated, the hearing has been postponed since the Pechersk court, which ordered the release of the former president but has made it impossible for him to leave the Kiev region and has required all his passports, has not delivered the documents relevant to the court.

The Kiev Court of Appeals was scheduled to address the appeal filed by Poroshenko on Friday, according to information from the Unian news agency. However, despite the fact that many followers of the Ukrainian politician and police officers have gathered in the area, the court has decided to postpone the hearing.

Poroshenko also has to go to appear before the Justice when required, according to the measure imposed on January 19. However, his lawyers have appealed the decision in an attempt to free him from any injunction.

The State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine has summoned him again to testify on January 31 in relation to the alleged help offered to separatists to sell coal valued at 54 million dollars (about 47.7 million euros) to Kiev in 2014 and 2015. Poroshenko, for his part, has insisted that the case is “politically motivated.”

The aforementioned entity has confirmed, however, that Poroshenko has complied with the established measures and has deposited his fourth passports and a fifth diplomatic document with the State Migration Service.

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