The coup left unleashes another night of extreme violence in Peru

The most radical sectors of the extreme left in Peru They have once again taken to the streets of Lima to cause widespread chaos. Protesters have clashed with police in another night of extreme violence which has ended with the death of a protester, several police officers injured and reports of attacks on journalists.

A contingent of protesters has gathered on Saturday night on Abcanay avenue, near the university area of ​​Lima. Their objective was to reach the headquarters of the Congress, but the police officers have blocked their way, which has generated several clashesaccording to the Peruvian agency Andina.

The authorities have used tear gas to disperse the protesters while some of them have responded by launching stones and pyrotechnic products. Finally, the Police have managed to withdraw the radicals, who have spread out along Avenida Grau, in the heart of the Barranco district.

The Ombudsman of Peru has confirmed this Sunday the death of one of the protesters. It has also confirmed that there is a serious injury, as well as several injured police officers who remain hospitalized in Lima hospitals.

According to the Peruvian newspaper The Republicduring the protests in the center of Lima there have also been several attacks against journalists. “We strongly condemn the attacks on journalists during the coverage of the protests. We urge the Peruvian Police Inspectorate to carry out an exhaustive investigation, determine responsibilities and sanctions,” the Ombudsman has reported in this regard.

The Ombudsman has also demanded that the protesters put down “all forms of violence, such as throwing objects” at the Police “or damaging public or private property.” In addition, he stressed that “these are not ways of exercising the right to protest, are crimes. We ask the Police to act within the strict framework of their constitutional and legal powers,” the agency remarked.

Congress votes against advancing the elections

The ex-president Pedro Castillo attempted a coup on December 7, the failure of which led to his arrest and the constitutional appointment of Dina Boluarte as president. Since then, the most radical sectors of the left have taken to the streets to demand the resignation of Boluarte, the dissolution of Congress and the urgent call for presidential elections.

However, the Peruvian Parliament rejected this Friday advance the general elections for October, after debating a project in this sense for more than 8 hours, after which, the president of Congress, José Williams, reported that a request for reconsideration had been raised that will be discussed this Monday to determine if it will be reintroduced. vote on the proposal.

The project to advance the general elections was raised by the president of the Constitution Commission, the Fujimori Hernando Guerra García but, after the intense debate, it received only 45 votes in favor when it should have had at least the favorable vote of 87 parliamentarians, since that it was a constitutional amendment.

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