The corrupt plot of Milagro Sala, “historical” indigenous and Peronist leader, accused of money laundering

For more than 25 years, Mirta Guerrero was a close collaborator of miracle roomleader of the Tupac Amaru Neighborhood Organization, a political movement in the province of Jujuy, in northern Argentina and bordering Bolivia.

However, his name has been more linked to court cases and in recent days several former collaborators have decided to become witnesses in the cases opened against him. One of them is Mirta Guerrero, known as “Shakira”, and sentenced to six years in prison for “illicit association and fraud against the public administration”. Guerrero worked with Sala for 26 years, and according to judicial sources revealed to the Infobae portal, she was an “ambassador” since “she came first to warn” and “if they did not pay attention, then the thugs came. She was heavy, heavy. An armed arm of Miracle Sala”.

In a broadcast on the network La Nación Más (LN+), progress in the investigations against Sala was noted after Guerrero’s statements on the journalist’s PPT program Jorge Lanata in which he recounted the large amount of money he handled: “You don’t have time to think about what he’s stealing. The money went to Milagro Sala’s house, she had two closets with double bottoms and the money went there.”

In fact, LN+ talks about the trips he made with his organization to various destinations such as India or China, and also Rome to see Pope Francis. Shakira pointed out in PPT that, on one occasion to visit the Pope, she traveled with a delegation of 16 people: “When we left, they gave us 10,000 dollars each, that when we arrived at the destination we had to return it.” She added that they only gave the companions a per diem for their expenses. Subsequently, she Sala deposited the money in various accounts abroad, according to LN + journalists.

In addition, he said that “Milagro was always violent. It happened to me that I was at her house and five men threw a quilt at me. I was with her for so many years and I can attest that she is not what she says she is. She is a monster. I believed into something that didn’t exist.

The LN+ program also mentions other cases in which Sala was involved and it was recalled that she was even visited at the end of July by the Argentine president, Alberto Fernandezwhile she was admitted to a hospital. On another occasion, she made a video in which she defended the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner: “Today we have to go out into the street to defend Cristina so that they stop their hand a little on the right, because if we don’t go out today to defend Cristina, surely in the future we will have her imprisoned.” The journalist Eduardo Feinmann sentenced: “Criminal defends criminal.”

In said program, they also refer to a publication in the newspaper La Nación in which it is noted “a second repentant provided documentation that complements the accusations of ‘Shakira’ against Milagro Sala”.


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