The copy and paste of the Government in Congress to justify the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia

View one, view all. Every time a written question arrives from Congress about arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the government just copies and pastes the same response. This is how the ERC deputy has just verified it Martha Rosiquewho tried, unsuccessfully, to find out what are the specific foundations of the Executive to authorize this type of business with the dictatorship of Salman bin Abdulaziz.

The query sent by the representative of the Catalan formation alluded to the last visit to Spain of one of the Saudi death ships. Rosique asked the Government about the arrival on February 4 at the port of Sagunto of the ship bahri abhaone of the employees of the regime for the transport of weapons.

In her initiative, the deputy warned about “the repeated use of weapons imported by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the war in Yemen”, while citing the resolutions of the Group of Experts of the UN Human Rights Council which repeatedly requested the suspension of arms transfers to the parties to the conflict.

Rosique requested information on the activities of the ship in Sagunto, while reminding the Government of the violation of the Arms Trade Treaty which involves the export of war material to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, responsible for crimes against civilians on Yemeni soil.

A man cries as he carries his daughter’s body to a grave during the burial of the victims of an explosion, in Sanaa, Yemen, on April 10, 2019. Khaled Abdullah / REUTERS

“Is the knowledge that the Government has about the use of exported weapons in the Yemen war not enough? If not, what more evidence does it need?” questioned the ERC deputy in the query sent to the Executive.

“No embargo”

The Government’s response contains the same arguments offered on previous occasions. Without departing one millimeter from his usual discourse, he once again alleges that “the countries of the Arab League that are part of the coalition against the rebels in Yemen are not subject to any embargo by the United Nations Organization (UNO) or the European Union in the export of weapons or police and riot gear”.

It also points out that “the Government has no record of the illicit use of Spanish military material in Yemen” and claims that “the Spanish authorities are firmly committed to national and international regulations aimed at effective control of foreign trade in defense material, they strictly comply with this legislation, follow the UN recommendations and put respect and the preservation of human rights above any other interest.

The usual argument is only broken in the last paragraph of the response sent to Rosique: in reference to the Saudi death ship that arrived in Spain on February 4, the Executive limits itself to indicating that “the documentation presented by the ship’s consignee It refers to cargo in transit and there is no forecast of cargo operations in Sagunto for the type of material for which you are asking”.

usual response

As you have been able to verify Publicthe Government has received since 2019 about twenty questions that allude precisely to the activities of this type of ship in Spanish ports and to arms deals with Saudi Arabia.

The Executive’s responses contain practically the same justifying paragraphs, without providing the exact data that Marta Rosique (ERC), Miriam Nogueras (Together) and Jon Iñarritu (EH Bildu) have repeatedly requested.

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