The Constitutional Court admits Vox’s appeal against the Democratic Memory Law

He Constitutional Court (TC) The unconstitutionality appeal filed by Vox deputies against the Democratic Memory Law has been admitted for processing this Tuesday. Those of Santiago Abascal took it to the court of guarantees for considering that the text violates several articles of the Constitution, in which it represents its forty-fifth appeal of unconstitutionality since the legislature began.

The plenary session of the guarantee court has also admitted for processing the unconstitutionality appeal presented by more than fifty deputies of the Vox Parliamentary Group against Law 19/2022, of September 30, for the recognition of legal personality to the Mar Menor lagoon and its basin.

The appellants allege that the rule could violate the regional powers in matters of environmental protection, as well as articles 10, 24 and 45 of the Constitution by granting legal personality to a natural entity. Vox was the only group to vote against the measure, approved in Congress in April 2022.

The president of Vox in Murcia, José Ángel Antelo, attacked the law by assuring that it is “a communist law” that “attacks the freedom of business”, in relation to the fact that, according to him, it will be “a parallel entity that decides what can be done, how it can be done and when it can be done” in the lagoon and basin of the Mar Menor.

On the contrary, the TC has not admitted for processing due to lack of legitimacy the unconstitutionality appeal promoted by the Vox Parliamentary Group against article 2 of the Decree-law of the Generalitat of Catalunya 4/2022, of April 5, of Urgent measures in the tax and financial field. The order considers that the lack of standing is due to the fact that the demand was signed by 51 deputies, but two of them had already ceased to be. Judge Concepción Espejel has announced a particular opinion.

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