The clashes between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad already leave eleven dead and some 90 wounded

The escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Loop It does not stop, with multiple exchanges of fire this Saturday, which raised the number of dead Palestinians to 11 and extend the tension to a second day.

The Ministry of Health of Gaza today reported the death this Saturday of a Palestinian in the city of Khan Yunis. To the 11 deceased so far, some 90 wounded are added, the vast majority in the Strip.

According to him israeli army, the YIP has fired more than 160 rockets since the current spike in violence began, mostly towards towns near the enclave. The vast majority of these shells were intercepted by anti-aircraft defense systems while the rest landed in unpopulated areas. The alarms continued to sound during the morning of this Saturday in the adjacent communities to Gaza.

In parallel, the Israeli Air Force continued to attack Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) targets in the Strip, using both drones and warplanes, and hitting sites allegedly used for weapons manufacturing and for the production and launch of rockets.

Among the dead registered so far are at least four members of the YIP, including the number two of the group, and a five-year-old girl. The Palestinian Ministry of Health has so far counted about 80 woundedwhile the emergency services in Israel reported that at least eight people they had to be hospitalized for injuries sustained while running to bomb shelters.

During the night, moreover, a joint operation between the Israeli Army, the Border Police and the Internal Intelligence Service ended with the capture of 20 people in West Bank occupied, of which 19 would belong to the Islamic Jihad.

Israeli local media indicated today that the Army is prepared for an extensive operation, which could last for a week and quoted military sources acknowledging that at the moment there are no negotiations to end the violence.

The current spike in tension began this Friday with a strong Israeli “preemptive” offensive on YIP targets in Gaza in the face of what the Army described as a “imminent threat“of attack by the group in retaliation following the arrest on Monday of one of its leaders during a raid in the West Bank.


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