The clash between PSOE and Unidas Podemos over hunting dogs keeps the approval of the animal protection law in suspense

The Board of Spokespersons of the Congress will define this Tuesday the agenda of the first ordinary plenary session of the year, scheduled for next week. It will include the debate and voting on the animal protection, welfare and rights law, as confirmed by PSOE parliamentary sources. However, less than two weeks before this appointment, the approval of the rule proposed by the Ministry of Social Rights (Unidas Podemos) is in the air.

The doubt about the result of the vote lies in the amendment that the Socialists promoted during the parliamentary process of the Government’s norm for exclude hunting dogs from the law. Despite the warnings of United We Can and other partners, this substantial change became part of the presentation report thanks to the votes of the PSOE, PP and Vox, so that both these dogs and the animals that are used in professional activities remain outside the umbrella of said legislation.

The purple group, contrary to this amendment, voted in favor of the ruling on December 22, since, if they had rejected the text, the rule would have derailed. “The PSOE right now has one last chance to rectify,” said the Secretary of State for Agenda 2030 and number three of Podemos, after the vote. Lilith Verstrynge. More than a month later, in those walks, although for the moment there has been no news, according to sources from the department of Ione Belarra.

From the socialist group they insist, for their part, that they “continue talking.” Yes ok, in Ferraz it is ruled out that the amendment can be revoked, since the correction to exclude hunting dogs from the law “has been worked on with the entire sector and the rural environment.” In this sense, they leave the ball in the court of United We Can.

The purples “work for the PSOE to rectify it,” add sources from the Ministry of Social Rights, but if this does not happen, neither the purples nor the pro-independence partners confirm their favorable vote. And therefore without these if it is in plenary, added to the announced rejection of PP and Vox, the approval of the rule in this final parliamentary phase would be in dangeras it was in the vote on the report in the Social Rights Commission.

The government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, and the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, in La Moncloa. Stock image. Javier Lizón / EFE

To date, there has not been the case of a government law failing in Congress despite the differences between PSOE and Unidas Podemos. Although several laws approved in the Council of Ministers have been on the brink of the abyss. On the retina, the law of only yes is yes or trans law. On the other hand, both formations maintain the pulse on the project of housing lawstalled in its parliamentary process.

Last Wednesday, in a meeting held by the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda with representatives of more than a dozen animal groupsthese “showed their support for the negotiations that seek to withdraw the amendment,” which “challenges the raison d’être of the law,” according to sources from said department.

And it is that, for the collectives and the ministry itself, the correction is “problematic” not only because of the vulnerability posed for hunters’ dogsbut because it also affects other dogs, such as those of the State Security Forces and Corps or those that carry out assistance or therapy tasks.

In this way, if said exclusion is maintained, it breaks with the paradigm of this pioneering standard, which is none other than seeking the protection of all animals, regardless of the task they perform. Hence the reason why United We Can support in the air to his own standard.

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