The CGPJ agrees to vote for its two candidates for the TC on December 22


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The ordinary plenary session General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) held this Thursday confirms the “lack of will” of the conservative sector for the renewal of the Constitutional Court, according to Council sources. The members at the proposal of the PP have not yet provided the name of any candidate that can be agreed with the progressive sector.

This sector already has a candidate: the magistrate of the Supreme Court José Manuel Bandrés. In the meeting of the CGPJ negotiating commission held this Wednesday, the progressive members insisted on maintaining Bandrés’ candidacy, but the conservatives now propose to negotiate the two names jointly, thus changing the rules of the game.

The plenary session this Thursday yields a not very hopeful result: the agreement to vote in the plenary session on December 22 for two names for the TC, although this does not imply that the two candidates will finally be elected from that vote, sources from the CGPJ point out, but rather This would be the first vote on the matter.

In addition to this issue, the plenary session of the CGPJ has refused to make a report on the bill to repeal the crime of sedition by nine votes to eight, there has also been one abstention. The eight conservative members who proposed making a report despite the fact that it is not necessary when it comes to a bill — it is when it comes to a bill — have announced that they will sign a private vote.

The plenary session also unanimously approved the report on the Draft Organic Law amending Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, on the Penal Code, on animal abuse, for which Roser Bach has been a speaker.

The text approved by the plenary warns that the new regulation may affect the principle of proportionality of sanctions and the conflict that will be generated in relation to crimes related to the protection of flora and fauna, which are not affected by the future reform.

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