The Catholic Church, the favorite destination for the deputies’ donations

Ricardo Tarno, deputy of the Popular Party, is a member of the brotherhoods of Montserrat, Macarena and Pure and Clean. The three of Seville. The deputy pays his fee as a “brother” in all three, as he has stated in his declaration of interests before Congress.

It’s not the only one. At least 37 deputies make donations to the Catholic Church or entities linked or dependent on it. 10.57% of the 350 parliamentarians in the Lower House. They are the ones who have stated it in their declaration of economic interests before Congress. This emerges from the analysis of the statements of the 350 deputies carried out by Public.

Donations to parties, unions, NGOs or professional associations are among the main types of organizations to which deputies have given money. But behind these there are different organizations or entities. However, The Catholic Church is the final and common recipient of donations from one in ten members of Congress.

Only the parties receive donations from more deputies than the Church; but normally the training itself forces them to do so

This makes the Church—leaving aside political parties, to which they are normally obliged to donate money as activists or public officials—the favorite destination for the donations and contributions made by their lordships. Behind the Church are the unions, which have obtained the support of 35 deputies, and the Red Cross, which has received the support of 33.

22 deputies have not declared anything in the section in which they have to indicate the donations they have made

In the case of the Church, there are 37 parliamentarians who declare that they contribute to it, but the figure could be even higher. 22 deputies have not declared anything in the section in which they have to record “the foundations and other associations” to which they have “contributed in the previous five years” or continue to “contribute currently.” Another 15 have declared generalities that do not allow us to know which organizations they have collaborated with..

Furthermore, the statements of Mirian Guardiola (PP), José María Figaredo (Vox) and Alberto Asarta (Vox) have not yet been published on the Congress website. It may be because they have not yet been presented or because the Lower House still has them pending qualification and publication, as confirmed by Congress to Public. The institution does not clarify which of the two options occurs.

Brotherhoods, brotherhoods and Cáritas

Among the 37 deputies there are cases like that of Tarno, in which the deputies carry out donations to brotherhoods or brotherhoods of which they are part. She succeeds Rafael Benigno Belmonte, also a PP deputy for Seville, who is a member of the Brotherhood of Candelaria and the Brotherhood of Cristo de la Corona. In addition, he declares that he makes a “periodic donation” to the Sisters of the Cross of Seville, a congregation of nuns who have a convent in the Andalusian capital.

Fernando de Rosa is another of the popular deputies with several donations to religious entities. In his case, he declares to contribute to the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, the San Vicente Ferrer Baptismal Font Association and the Roman Academic Center. The latter is a foundation dedicated totrain priests diocesans, seminarians and men and women religious to serve the Church throughout the world.

13 of the 37 deputies make donations to Cáritas: the “charitable and social action entities of the Catholic Church”

Agustín Conde, also from the PP, declares making an “annual donation” to the Order of Malta. But there are also parliamentarians whose donations related to the Church are simply to more common parishes or organizations. Of the 37 that donate to entities linked to the Catholic Church, 13 do so to Cáritas – “the official confederation of charitable and social action entities of the Catholic Church”, in their own words – or to the Formació i Treball Foundation, which depends Of the same. Two of these parliamentarians also give money to other religious organizations, not just Cáritas.

The PP, the most religious bench

Among the 37 deputies who declare donations to the Catholic Church and its entities there are clear majority of the Popular Party, with 25 parliamentarians. The list is completed by nine deputies from the PSOE and three from Vox. In the case of the PSOE, six of the nine are Cáritas donors.

Of the nine PSOE deputies who donate money to the Church, six do so to Cáritas

The other three are Begoña Nasarre, who pays her fee as a member of the Hijas de María Brotherhood, Luis Carlos Sahuquillo, who declares having made a “small financial donation for works” in the Villagarcía del Llano church, and Alberto Rojo, who indicates collaborate with the activities and maintenance of the parish of San Juan Bautista de Hita, a small town in the province of Guadalajara, with “180 euros per year.”

In the case of the 37 deputies who declare they support religious entities, All of them seem to carry out collaborations that include financial donations., although the deputies in this section of the declaration of economic interests also have to record other types of non-monetary collaborations. Such as, for example, volunteer actions.

Still, noo all parliamentarians clearly indicate how they collaborate or support religious entities. Red is the only one that indicates the specific monetary amount you have donated. Others, like Sahuquillo himself, make it clear that his donations are economic, but some indicate much less precise notes.

Celso Luis Delgado, PP deputy, declares an “annual donation” to the “Catholic Church parish”, but does not indicate which parish or any other clarification. Another similar case is that of another parliamentarian from Feijóo’s party: Enrique Belda. The parliamentarian claims to have carried out “donations and emergency aid” to the “Catholic Church and other confessions”but does not specify anything else.

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