The Catalan Prosecutor’s Office asks for 20 months of disqualification of the minister Torrent and his table for alleged disobedience

The Superior Prosecutor of Catalonia has requested this Thursday the sanction of one year and eight months of disqualification and 30,000 euros of fine to the minister Roger torrent, to the former First Secretary of the Board Eusebi Campdepadrós and the former first vice president Josep Costa. For the former fourth secretary of the Board, Adriana Delgado placeholder image, asks for one year and four months and a fine of 24,000 euros because he only participated in one of the procedures.

The reason for the possible sanction is for an alleged crime of disobedience, having allowed the processing of two resolutions in favor of the right of self-determination and against the monarchy. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, these actions were carried out with a “manifest and previously agreed will to infringe the unequivocal mandate “ of the Constitutional Court (TC).

The Prosecutor’s Office filed the complaint against the members of the Table in March 2020. Afterwards, they were summoned on September 15 to testify. the four investigated members of the Bureau of Parlament. Finally this Wednesday the complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office has been accepted for processing.

The judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, Maria Eugènia Alegret, which investigated the complaint, concluded that there were indications to try Torrent and the rest of the deputies of his Table for disobedience, having acted with “contempt for constitutional legality and previously warned by the TC“when they allowed the vote on both resolutions.

The accusation’s brief states that Torrent, Campdepadrós and Costa acted “being knowledgeable about the content and warnings “ of the Constitutional Court of previous days, “and despite the opposition of the rest of the members of the Table“and the notice of the secretary general of the chamber, accepted in October 2019 to process the two resolutions on the monarchy and the right to self-determination, which were approved in November of that year by the members of Parliament.


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