The cannabis party Luz Verde will be able to stand for election after passing a legal process

Green light, the only party in Spain whose express objective is to achieve the regulation of cannabis, will be able to stand in the next general elections. The Central Court of Administrative Litigation number 5 of the National audience has archived the abbreviated procedure for the dissolution of this formation, after the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office have withdrawn the request for dissolution that they had presented last November for non-compliance with the provisions of the Law on Parties.

In the order of the National High Court it is detailed that the State Attorneyon behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, requested in February the file of the dispute after those responsible for Luz Verde had delivered a document to the Registry of Political Parties, accompanied by a notarial act, with the correction of the “formal defects” of the statutes of the formation approved in an extraordinary general assembly held in December, “for its adaptation to the requirements demanded by law”.

Following that request, the public prosecutor’s office reported favorably on the termination of the process opened against Luz Verde, “due to a sudden lack of object”, once the cannabis party had registered the adaptation of its statutes to the provisions of Organic Law 6/2002 of political parties. So, once the parties have been heard, the court of the Audiencia Nacional agreed to terminate the procedure against the political formation in an order that, not having been the subject of any appeal within the established time limits, is now firm and implies the filing of the proceedings.

Green Light considers this judicial resolution “a resounding victory” which puts an end to an “unjust cause to dissolve the only political formation in Europe that exclusively claims the legalization of cannabis”. His Vice President Fermin Lesassures that it has been “a very painful process”, in which they have been accused “of false illegalities”.

“It is a happy day for cannabis and for democracy. We clearly tell the PSOE that this is not the way to go. The way is to legalize it and stop using useless repression. Now we can finally dedicate ourselves to our objective, which is none other than all of Spain democratic cannabis for adult usethat is, it is a reality just like it is in other places,” says Les.

The lack of activity that I saw Interior

This judicial process, now archived, began with the resolution that the Undersecretariat General for Domestic Policy and Electoral Processes of the Home Office notified on October 4 to those responsible for Luz Verde about the modification of the statutes that this organization had approved in July, after having dissolved RCN-NOK (Navarre Cannabis Representation) to create a statewide party. In that resolution, Interior approved the change of name, but reported that there were a series of legal requirements that were not met in the drafting of the formation’s statutes and that they had to be corrected in order to be included in the Register of Political Parties.

Interior warned that the statutes of the new political formation should be adapted to the provisions of the Law of Parties for the correct internal functioning of the organization, including, among other aspects, the demonstration that it was an active political formation, the provision of deadlines for convening a general assembly, the deliberation rules of the executive committee, the procedure for the election of its members, the preparation of electoral lists, the requirements of the candidates and the resources.

Luz Verde has adapted its statutes and has also provided the documentation that has shown the activity of this political formation, among which is a document signed by the senators who presented a bill in the upper house last September , sponsored by the cannabis party, to regulate associations of marijuana users in Spain. This proposal was also based on a similar law that had been approved in the Parliament of Navarra in 2014 at the request of a Popular Legislative Initiative promoted by the RCN-NOK formation, which in July was renamed Green Light.

One of the most important supports that the cannabis party has had in this judicial process has been that of the Foral Parliament of Navarre, which on March 1 approved a motion in which it urged the Government of Spain to “desist in its initiative to outlaw” Luz Verde. The initiative went ahead with the votes of the proponent groups, Geroa Bai, EH Bildu, Podemos and Grupo Mixto Izquierda-Ezkerra, and with the abstention of Navarra Suma and PSN.

In the discussion of that proposal, the spokesman for Navarre Sum (made up of PP, Ciudadanos and UPN), came to show its doubts about the behavior of the Ministry of the Interior in this case, especially regarding the deadlines granted to the cannabis party for the adaptation of its statutes, despite the fact that the organization had amply demonstrated in Navarra work in accordance with the law under the acronym RCN-NOK.

Luz Verde was established last July at a general assembly in Pamplona with the fundamental objective of promoting the legalization of cannabis in Spain and denouncing the police and judicial persecution that the sector is suffering, with numerous arrests and trials of leaders of cannabis associations. users and managers of seed banks and grow shops, including prominent cannabis activists Albert Tió and Víctor Segués.

In its basic program, Luz Verde proposes Comprehensive regulation covering the full spectrum of marijuana production and use, since the seeds are selected and sold to consumption by different means and for both medicinal and recreational purposes. In a statement, the training has encouraged all cannabis consumers to “join and participate in all the activities and initiatives that are taking place in the state in favor of legalization.”


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