The Canary Islands suspend classes this Monday due to the arrival of the tropical cyclone

The Government of the Canary Islands has decided to suspend school activities for Monday due to the effects on the islands of tropical cyclone Ten, formed between Cape Verde and the African coast, which will cause the most intense rains in the last decade in the archipelago, according to the regional president, Ángel Víctor Torres.

The head of the Canary Executive has coordinated this afternoon a meeting with the island councils after decreeing this morning the maximum alert for heavy rainfall, wind and floods from tonight and until Monday.

The State Meteorological Agency forecasts that between Saturday and Monday more than 150 liters per square meter will accumulate in some parts of the western islands and Gran Canaria.

Torres pointed out that, for now, the trajectory of the cyclone suggests that “the core” of this tropical depression will not touch the Canary Islands, although it will have important effects on the islands, especially in La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria and the rains will be widespread.

The president has said that there may be a condition at airports, although in principle there should not be in maritime transport.

“It’s something unknown”asserted the president, who recalled the tropical storm Delta in 2005, which was characterized more by wind than rain, unlike Ten, which will bring significant rainfall.

The technicians have indicated in the press conference that Sunday will be a “complicated day” and have recommended that no trips be made that are not necessary.

Torres has asked all Canarians to be careful and to avoid all possible movements, and has announced that all activities are suspendedmajor events and sports activities.

About the football match Las Palmas-Granada scheduled for Sunday in the capital of Gran Canaria, has announced that it is expected to be suspended, although the decision rests with the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Island Council.

The Canarian president has asked that teleworking be promoted on Monday to avoid displacement.

The most complicated day will be Sunday and Monday, so the technicians ask not to trust if there is little rain on Saturday, as it will be abundant on Sunday and Monday, when the situation will begin to subside at the last minute, according to forecasts.

The tropical cyclone ten It has formed between the islands of Cape Verde and the African coast and is moving north at about 15 kilometers per hour, reports the State Meteorological Agency.

Although according to the latest data it will not impact the Canary archipelago, it will get close enough to produce widespread, intense and persistent rainfall, accompanied by a storm, during the weekend and on Monday.

On Saturday from noon, rainfall is expected that can accumulate up to 60 liters per square meter in 12 hours in many locations in the western islands.

On Sunday, an intensification of rainfall is expected, which can be very strong (up to 30 liters per square meter in one hour) with accumulations of 100 liters per square meter every 12 hours, except in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura where up to 40 liters per square meter every 12 hours.

These precipitations would remain during the first half of Monday 26 and would begin to decrease in the afternoon.

It is likely that over these three days more than 150 liters per square meter will accumulate in some parts of the western islands and Gran Canaria.

Although no wind or maritime storm is expected, strong or very strong gusts of a southern component may occur in the western islands, as well as windy seas with waves of around two meters in those same areas.


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