The Cacereño will go “with the knife in the teeth” against a Real Madrid that knows that it is “a dangerous game”

LAS ROZAS (MADRID), Dec. 23 (.) –

The president of the Club Polideportivo Cacereño, Carlos Ordóñez, was happy for “the prize” that they received with the duel in the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey against a Real Madrid against which they will come out “with the knife between their teeth” and which, according to Emilio Butragueño, director of Institutional Relations for the Madrid club, already knows that “it is a dangerous game”.

“For us it is a prize that was delayed from Thursday of the Lottery to this draw and it is the maximum lottery that could be won by Cacereño,” Ordóñez celebrated before the media after the cup draw, after which he received “a number of messages, calls and everything. “We know what Real Madrid drags and the biggest prize that could be given to us,” he added.

The leader made it clear that they are going to “cover every last ‘corner'” of their stadium so that there is a large crowd. “If you have to put seats in the bathrooms, they get in,” he said with a laugh. “This is an economic plus for a club as modest as we are and it is super important, but apart from the economic aspect, Real Madrid had not come to Extremadura for a long time and it is a prize for all Extremadurans that we have to thank Cacereño for” , he stressed.

“I want him to come with everything so that the fans can see all those great players he has. We are going to come out with the knife among the ten and we are going to bother, as our coach says. Hope is the last thing that is lost” , stressed the president of the Second RFEF team.

In any case, they did not hide that they know “who” Real Madrid is. “But what is there to dream and keep dreaming. Girona was also a super-good First Division team and I think that on the field it was not known who was from the First Division and who from the Second Division RFEF”, he declared.

At his side, the director of Institutional Relations of Real Madrid, Emilio Butragueño, appeared, making it clear that they will go “with all the enthusiasm”, but also with “the concentration that this type of match requires, with the utmost respect, without a doubt, and also knowing that it is a dangerous game, sure. They are in a splendid moment and it will be very nice for football, we will have to play a great game to win”, he said.

“Yes, the three who have asked wanted us,” he replied with a smile after a draw where the representatives of Cacereño, Ibiza Islas Pitiusas and UD Logroñés had said they wanted the 14-time European champion. “Logically, it’s always an honour, in this case, to go to Cáceres to play. There are a lot of Real Madrid fans and I’m sure it will be a very nice match. From the first moment we’ll have to have the right concentration to play a game that interests us”, warned the executive.

Butragueño assured Ordóñez that he was “convinced” that they are going to have “ticket problems.” “We have many supporters clubs there and there are many Madrid fans who will want to be supporting our team that night,” he declared.

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