The British Justice studies this Monday if the emeritus can fight his immunity against Larsen’s lawsuit

The Court of Appeals of United Kingdom study this Monday from 3:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) if you authorize John Charles I to appeal the decision of the British judge Matthew Nicklin not to recognize diplomatic immunity against the lawsuit filed by Corinna Larsen for harassment, which allowed it to continue its course.

The hearing will finally be held after it was postponed on July 11. As reported by the court itself, the hearing was delayed so that both the king emeritus’s lawyers and those of Larsen could explain the reasons why, in their opinion, the former head of state should be authorized or prevented, respectively, from appealing the Nicklin’s car.

It was on March 24 when Nicklin, a magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice, determined that Juan Carlos did not enjoy the diplomatic immunity conferred on him by the Head of State because when the events denounced by Larsen allegedly occurred, he had already abdicated. “There is only one king and one head of state in Spain and, since June 19, 2014, that is his son, King Felipe VI,” he stressed.

To exemplify his idea, he explained that, if he listened to the defense arguments of Juan Carlos I, he could enter a Hatton Garden jewelry store and steal a diamond ring, without having to face any civil or criminal proceedings in this jurisdiction.

The British judge also ruled that the former monarch could not appeal his decision, which forced the former head of state’s lawyers to request permission from the Court of Appeals, arguing that Nicklin had applied a wrong legal judgment to assess the recognition of diplomatic immunity. This first Nicklin order cleared the way for Larsen’s lawsuit to continue its course in British justice, since so far no judge has ruled on the merits of the matter.

The businesswoman maintains in her lawsuit that the King Emeritus would have harassed her after she put an end to the relationship they had maintained. First to try to get her back and then as a revenge to harm her business, according to the story of the businesswoman.

For this reason, Larsen demands compensation from Juan Carlos I – the amount of which has not transpired – for the costs of his mental health medical treatment, for the “installation of personal security measures and daily protection services” and for the hiring of ” former diplomats and former government officials” to intervene in order to “put end to bullyingwhich he claims to have received.


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