The British boy who disappeared in Spain 6 years ago has been in a sect: “My mother kidnapped me”

“My mother kidnapped me when I was 11 years old,” is how the story begins that Alex Batty – a British minor who disappeared 6 years ago in Spain – told the 26-year-old student who picked him up with his vehicle when he saw him. wandering alone on a rural road in the Pyrenees, in Revel (near Toulouse, France), on a night of heavy rain. The young man, who works part-time delivering pharmaceutical products, passed by him twice and already couldn’t resist inviting him up.

He later learned that the teenager had been walking through those mountains for several days in his attempt to return home to England. As Fabien Accidi explained in interviews, the boy – who is now 17 years old – seemed shy during the first minutes. They tried to speak in French, a language that Alex did not master. So they decided to communicate in English and the conversation began to flow. So much so that they chatted for three hours.

At that time, the British man told him everything he had experienced since his mother – who did not have custody of him – took him to live with ten other people in a “spiritual community, far from normal life”. For the first four years, they lived in a luxury house in Spain. And then, in 2021, they moved to France. Although she did not mention that she had received mistreatment, the life they led there did not convince her and she was “increasingly strange.” She wanted to go back to her grandmother.

Fabien didn’t believe her story initially, recognized SkyNews. But given the seriousness of what the boy was saying, he called the police and they went together to a police station. There they interrogated the two and confirmed that Alex He was the person he said he was.: the British boy who disappeared in Malaga six years ago. The last time he was seen was on October 8, 2017 – the day he was expected to return – in the port of the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Alex’s kidnapping

Alex traveled abroad on September 30, 2017 with his mother, Melanie Batty, and his grandfather, David Batty, to spend a previously agreed upon family vacation with his grandmother Susan Caruana – who had guardianship of the minor – in Spain. According to the planned plan, the child I was going to spend a week with them in Benahavis (near Marbella) and then had to return to his home in Oldham (in the county of Great Manchester, England). But the minor did not return.

In fact, the three disappeared and nothing had been heard from them until now. At that time, the grandmother explained that her daughter and her ex-husband lived with Álex in a commune in Morocco in 2014. They wanted an “alternative lifestyle”. She was clear from the beginning that the child’s mother and grandfather were behind what happened; she suspected that she might have gone to Morocco to join a sect. She wanted take the little one out of school.

The first call

“I’m so happy. I have talked to him and he is fine“he said in statements to The Sun Alex’s grandmother -Susan Caruana-. A conversation that has also been reported by the Manchester Police itself, which has indicated that they were able to talk on Thursday night via a video call. “She is happy that she is, in fact, Alex,” Deputy Inspector Chris Sykes said at a press conference.

Although – he warned – “obviously we have to carry out more controls when he returns to the United Kingdom.” “The main priority is to see that he returns home to his family,” she said. But the agents investigating the case have “a lot of work” ahead of them to “establish the full circumstances surrounding the disappearance and where he has been all these years.”

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