The Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office refuses to suspend the possession as deputies of eight accused of inciting the coup against Lula

The Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office has expressed this Saturday its opposition to the possibility that eleven deputies accused of having incited the coup attacks on January 8, they are prevented from assuming their mandates next Wednesday and an investigation is opened against them.

The Attorney General of the Republic (Prosecutor’s Office) expressed its position against the possible sanction in response to a request from the Supreme Court, which on Friday gave it a period of 24 hours to analyze the possible suspension of the act of possession of the eleven deputies accused of supporting anti-democratic acts .

The Prosecutor’s Office alleged in its opinion that there is still no evidence against the defendants and that the deputies have already received the diploma that accredits them as elected, therefore they already have parliamentary jurisdiction, for which they asked the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to reject the sanction request requested by a group of lawyers and file the case.

Parliamentarians, mostly from Liberal Party (PT), the formation that nominated the candidacy of the then president Jair Bolsonaro to re-election, they are accused of having published on their social networks messages of support for the assault by thousands of Bolsonaro supporters against the offices of the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court.

With their attacks, the followers of the far-right leader, of whom some 1,800 have been arrested, intended to force a coup against the progressive Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvawhose victory in the October presidential elections they refuse to recognize and who assumed his third term on January 1.

As the new legislative year begins next Wednesday, when the reelected or elected senators and deputies will assume their mandates, a group of lawyers asked the highest court to suspend possession of the eleven accused of inciting the coup.

The Deputy Attorney General of the Republic, Carlos Frederico Santos, author of the opinion contrary to the sanctions, affirmed that the deputies in question already have parliamentary jurisdiction, so any investigation must be authorized by Congress. He also claimed that the accusations have to be brought to the Council of Ethics of the Chamber of Deputieswhich is the body that has to decide if there is merit to open an investigation.

“Since there are no elements to date that indicate that the deputies mentioned in the petition were involved, even as instigators, in the crimes of January 8, there is no just cause for opening an investigation,” the prosecutor said.

The lawyers requesting the sanction accused the parliamentarians of “endorsing” the attacks by the Bolsonaristas against the headquarters of the three powers. “It is not acceptable or imaginable that people who were elected as representatives of the people in a democratic regime, through a free election, can support, encourage and even participate in acts that violate the Democratic State of Law“, they claim.

The Prosecutor’s Office has already opened an investigation against two of the eleven accused deputies, André Fernandes and the indigenous soldier Silvia Waiãpi, both from the Liberal Party, but so far they have not identified messages of support for the coup acts on their social networks. Another of the parliamentarians questioned is Nikolas Ferreira, also from the Liberal Party and the most voted deputy in the country with almost one and a half million votes.

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