‘The Boys of the Corn’, Cuba, Venezuela and Latin America

A The Boys of the Corn some of our Latin American followers know them. So that those who are not yet familiar with their work may know them better, I give them a type so that they can be found quickly: they have not shared the stage with Alejandro Sanz or Maná at the concert Live for Venezuela in Cúcuta, no.

This in itself is relevant. They have passed through the continent several times. In 2011 they visited Venezuela, they gave a few interviews – this Tuesday I listened to them – very brave, to tell the truth.

I mean, if you are a musician, you live in Spain, you want to pursue a career here, on the one hand you have The worldon the other to The country that goes to the right, sees that it does not paint anything there and moves a little less to the right. The fact of having identified with the Bolivarian Revolution at a given moment, I suppose – they will correct me if I’m wrong – could have influenced his career in a certain way.

This Tuesday, preparing this, I sent a question on my Telegram channel (which I have many followers from Latin America there) if they knew them. And I received several answers, I’m going to start with this one from Fer: “This band tells more truths about Latin America than any Latin American band.”

What are those truths? They better recite some verses of the song Saigon Tobacconist:

“And no, I’m not the Cuban worm
I am the armed Cuban
Who aims and shoots the yankie in the Bay of Pigs”

I heard Nega say in an interview that they took advantage of his lyrics to counteract all the informational filth that exists against Cuba, because in our balanced media it is impossible for a dissenting voice to appear on the island and for there to be some plurality.

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