The BNG, from voting in favor of Sánchez’s investiture to not supporting any of his budgets

“The BNG cannot support these State Budgets: insufficient for Galiza and the popular classes”, the deputy of the Galician nationalist formation in Congress pronounced this MondayNestor Regoto announce their abstention in the 2023 Budgets, the third parties of the coalition government and the last ones of the legislature.

Despite the fact that the BNG voted in favor of the investiture of Pedro Sánchez in January 2020, Rego has not endorsed any of the budget projects presented to date, those belonging to 2021 and 2022, and it will not do so next Thursday, when next year’s public accounts face their final test in Congress.

“Today, at this moment, in this context, defending Galicia and democracy leads us to vote yes at the investiture. First of all, because we have reached an agreement on the Galician agenda, a great agreement that will allow progress in improving the quality of life and well-being of all Galicians. Secondly, because in the face of this increasingly ultra and ultra-Spanish right, which threatens the rights and freedoms of all, there is no room for hesitation. It is necessary to decisively block his way,” Rego said from the rostrum on January 7, 2020.

With the Yes Upon Sánchez’s inauguration, the BNG deputy became part of the group called the “investment bloc” along with other progressive forces. “Let them be clear that, with the same firmness with which Castelao fought fascism, the BNG will always be at the forefront defending democracy, rights and public liberties, and we expect and demand that same firmness from the new Government. Also for this reason of ours
vote will be favourable”, launched Néstor Rego as a warning.

Almost three years later, the BNG has been the only party that he has been off the hook for most of the inaugurationa majority that has not only been consolidated, but has been adding support over the years and the budget projects.

Unlike the first budgets of the legislature, to which they registered an amendment to the entirety, the Galician nationalists have not presented vetoes either in those of 2022 or in those of 2023 to remain open to dialogue with the Government and “improve the project “, as Rego has defended on both occasions.

But despite negotiations, the BNG has not passed abstention “after the lack of negotiating will on the part of the Government and the groups that compose it, PSOE and Unidas Podemos”, as the Galician deputy explained this Monday.

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