The BNG celebrates that the Justice forces the CIAF to open a new investigation into the Alvia accident

Almost ten years have passed since the the Alvia accident in Angrois. The victims keep pressing so that once and for all justice be done. In fact, a new judicial decision could encourage attempts to clarify the facts of the tragic event in Santiago de Compostela. The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid has ordered the Railway Accident Investigation Commission (CIAF) to carry out a new investigation.

Specifically, the court has ruled that the CIAF must process a petition from the platform of victims of the Alvia accident to open a new technical inquiry that must be independent. The BNG has positively valued this judicial decision.

Ana Miranda, spokesperson for the formation in Europe, has expressed that they will continue to press “so that this mandate is fulfilled and an independent investigation is carried out.” Before the European Commission (EC), she has denounced “the manipulations of the Ministry of Development in 2016 regarding the pressure exerted on the Executive of the European Union to ignore the content of the report of the European Agency for Railway Safety (ERA) on the causes of the Agrois accident”.

In fact, he recalled that these manipulations contributed to blame solely the train driver while trying to cover up the criticism that the EU itself was making of the official investigation carried out by the CIAF. He has also pointed out that, after a complaint from the BNG, the EC began in 2019 a process to sanction Spain for breaching European rail safety regulations.

The victims of the accident, which occurred in July 2013, have faced a long process that leads to the beginning of the trial on this matter on September 20. This judicial procedure will last until 2023. For about nine months statements, experts, words of witnesses will be collected so that, finally, a sentence is issued on the incident, in which 80 people died and 144 were injured.


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