The blue dollar returned to $1,100 and financial markets closed lower

The blue dollar remained around $1,100 pesos, while the dollar used by companies (CCL) and savers (MEP) fell an average of 6%.

The MEP dollar closed at $843.71, down 6% and the gap with the official was 141.1%. For its part, the dollar “Cash with Liquidation” (CCL) fell 5% and stood at $863.26. Thus, the spread with the official one is 146.7%.

At 3:15 p.m.

The financial markets experience a brief improvement this Tuesday, October 24after the sharp drop they recorded the previous day, after knowing the election result.

For example, public debt bonds operate mixed with increases in AL30D (4.3%), AL35D (3.2%), AL29D (3.9%) and GD30 (0.7%), and falls in GD35D (4.6%), AL41D (3.5%), AE38D (2.3%).

From these results, Country Risk is located at 2,537 points.

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, anticipated that The government evaluates measures to support the price of Argentine bonds that oscillate at a quarter of their nominal value.

Whilethe ADRs of local companies listed in New York offer major increases, although shorter than yesterday, as reported by the NA agency.

At 1:40 p.m.

The parallel dollar returns to $1100a value that it achieved in the previous day and that began to show the sincerity of the prices that during the previous week were shown with wide dispersion.

For your part Alternative dollars also fall, which is why a Cash with Settlement is registered that operates at $905.81 and the MEP dollar at $869.85.

It is worth remembering that both exchange rates showed strong price dispersions the two weeks prior to the elections. In the case of the CCL, which is the exchange rate that companies use to withdraw dollars abroad, it operated at $1,100.59, although always depending on the instrument used.

At 1 p.m.

The price of the parallel dollar falls 50 pesos and is trading at $1050 this Tuesday, October 24, however it is still above 1000 pesos. The price declines while the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) continues with control operations. Now it was the turn at a renowned exchange agency with 16 branches in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA). “The main objective of this action was to detect possible tax evasion maneuvers related to exchange transactions, especially in the purchase and sale of bonds and other assets in dollars,” they officially explained.

While, The MEP dollar drops to $871.93 and the Cash with Settlement does the same to $919.68. It is worth remembering that this The last quote had a sharp drop the day before of 16%, after the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, announced the expansion of a differentiated exchange rate for all exports (See subtitle below)

At 12 o’clock

He dollar blue opened the quotes this Tuesday, October 24 at levels similar to Mondays, and remains at $1,100 for sale. It is worth remembering that yesterday the market began to validate the price of the currency that had been “strange” since the raid operations began in the “caves” to stop any sharp jump in the informal exchange rate. Thus, it was seen that On the first day after Sergio Massa’s victory, the market reacted.

The “blue of the blue” has arrived and no one wants to part with dollars in the run-up to the elections

In the fixed income segmentArgentine bonds in dollars ended with a majority of falls of up to -13.9%. In this context, the country risk rose 8.1% and stood at 2,613 basis points. “Sovereign bonds operating in New York fell to -7.7%,” the report explained this morning. Wise Capital.

The good news is that, as its strategists reported, the expectation of devaluation also fell. “In the short term, the expectation of devaluation falls due to the result of last Sunday’s presidential elections. The future dollar collapsed on the Matba-Rofex, diluting expectations of a strong devaluation in the coming months,” explains Wise Capital and adds that “By the end of October the dollar fell 6.6% to $349.80. By the end of November, it fell 9.4% to $387.”

However, he emphasizes that “the biggest falls are recorded in December (with a drop of 27.4%, to $592), in January (a drop of 29.3% to $700), and in February (-29 .1% to $825).

The S&P Merval rises

For its part, The S&P Merval index rises almost 4 percent this Tuesday. While the previous close was 701,205.180 points, this Tuesday it jumps +32,929.77 and reaches 726,043.41 points.

The quotes of the financiers this Tuesday, October 24

Yesterday, financial dollars made the news, especially because they began to decline. The MEP dollar was quoted at the opening at $902.15 and the Cash with Settlement at $939.69. This price had a sharp drop of 16% the day before, after the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, announced the expansion of a differentiated exchange rate for all exports.

The A measure that was published today in the Official Gazette allows the settlement of 30% through the CCL and the remaining 70% through the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC).

Massa’s first post-election measure: the Government made the Exporting Dollar official

For its part, the wholesale dollar remains at $350 and, as promised by the Ministry of Economy, it will maintain that value until November 15, when a daily devaluation scheme will begin to be applied.


In turn, the official dollar is worth $365.50 and the card dollar for consumption in foreign currency maintains the value of $735.82, as does the “Savings” dollar.

The difference between the blue and the “card” gives an exchange advantage of $370 per dollar to the wealthiest sectors with the ability to spend abroad.

New export dollar

lSergio Massa’s first measure regarding the runoff refers to foreign trade and the search for foreign currency to add to the reserves.

Blue Dollar: “El Croata”, Ivo Esteban Rojnica, was arrested

The Government made it official that All exports of Goods and Services will be made 70% to the MULC and 30% to the CCL until November 17. This comes out to a dollar of $530. What does a 51% increasewhich will surely be reflected for the entire economy in the second half of next month.

This confirmation will put a floor on the deflation of the coverage floor, since if we assume an inflation of 22% between now and the end of November, the Linked Dollars could be worth $434, but they are trading below: the Linked that expires in April It is trading at $410 and the Duales that expire between February and June closed yesterday between $411 and $419.


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