The BiH Taekwondo Federation announced the start of the World Championship for cadets in Sarajevo

The Taekwondo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a press conference on the occasion of the start of the World Taekwondo Championship for cadets, which will be held in Sarajevo from August 28 to 31, reports Anadolu.

At the very beginning, the leaders of the Taekwondo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina reflected on the results of the just concluded European Championship for Juniors and the European Championship in Olympic categories, where BiH representatives won four medals. In the senior category in the Olympic categories, Sara Pidro won silver, while Ada Avdagić won bronze. Juniors Nadina Mehmedović and Benjamin Husić won bronze medals.

“I have to point out that we somehow quickly sent our junior and senior national team in the Olympic categories to Tallinn, and here we can freely say that it is the golden generation of cadets who were second in the European Championship a few years ago and now have achieved impressive results in the Junior European Championship which means that we can expect that in the coming years we will have good seniors who will achieve good results”, said Samir Šarić, chairman of the presidency of the BiH Taekwondo Federation.

More than 1,000 guests from 76 countries arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and after the organization of major European competitions, the BiH Taekwondo Federation is organizing a competition at the world level for the first time.

“It is a great honor to organize the world cadet championship, until recently it was an unfulfilled wish of us in the Taekwondo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but now we can say that our wishes are coming true. It is a special honor for us on the 50th anniversary of the World Taekwondo Federation that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be the host and organizer of the World Cup. We have over 1,000 guests from 76 countries, the hall takes on its true appearance, we really hope that everyone will feel good and happy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and that they will return home happily,” added Šarić.

One of the leaders who has so far had experience with organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Ali Sagarkaya, from Turkey, who is also this time in the capacity of technical delegate.

“I am so happy to be back in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we were here at several European competitions and the BiH Taekwondo Federation raised the bar even higher at every event. They finally got what they deserved, which is the organization of the World Cup. In fact, this is also a historic event, since we will organize a competition by height categories for the first time, and all the eyes of the taekwondo world are focused on this organization. The Taekwondo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is very successful, they had one competitor (op. a. Nedžad Husić) at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, where he almost missed out on a bronze medal. Their athletes started to grow, we see their results at European competitions, as well as those from the finished championship in Tallinn, which show that they are on the right track. Under the leadership of president Samir Šarić and general secretary Vedran Ćubela, they do a great job and their hospitality is incredible. The first people you see in the morning are the two of them and the last people you see in the evening are the two of them again, you don’t see that often in other competitions. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you all enjoy yourself, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Sarajevo is a particularly unique place, the center and the old town are amazing, as is the food. I wish everyone a lot of luck”, said Sagarkaya.

For such an organization to be successful, a lot of preparation and lobbying was needed. After five major European events, a world-class competition begins in Sarajevo.

“As for the organization itself, you can imagine how big a challenge this is for us. So far we have organized five big events at the European level, but this is the first time we work with the World Taekwondo Federation. A year and a half ago we got this challenge, we showed that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country ready to organize such a big event and we started working. We have come to the point that everything is ready, organizing 75 countries to arrive in two days and have them all leave after the end is a feat that is challenging in itself. Previous experiences and our organizing committee have shown that we can withstand this challenge, there were challenges, but we are up to it all. We will wait for the tournament to end and I hope that we will all have nice words and good memories after the competition is over. If any medal remains in It would be wonderful for Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have a quality and motivated team and we hope to have a successful result”, said Vedran Ćubela.

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