The best perfumes for women over 50

According to industry experts, the perfume they adapt to the body odor of each person in combination with the skin and also the season that is going through. It is for this last reason that there are fragrances for all types of seasons, but, at the same time, it is also important to take into account the age range of whoever is going to use the fragrances.

As the years go by, fashion changes but also the personal tastes of each person. Whether it’s clothing style, makeup and, of course, also lotions. Given this, women over 50 will surely no longer want to continue using that fragrance they used in their youth.

With this in mind, We bring you a list with specific products for this age niche, so that you stay up to date with fashion. These options will be full of notes for all tastes:

Kenzo Memory Collection

This is a fragrance by Kenzo Takada, which invites you to travel to Japan, specifically to traditional tea ceremonies. It was released just last year, in 2022, which makes it one of the newest. It features notes of magnolia, musk and sandalwood.

Girls Can Do Anything

Every woman will love this lotion thanks to its notes. Top notes are pear, tangerine orange, bergamot and orange blossom; heart notes are tonka bean and tuberose; base notes are vanilla, fern, musk, cloves, ambroxan and patchouli.

rose infusion

The house of Prada always keeps abreast of all the demands of the market. With its sweet and fresh notes it manages to obtain a soft aroma, and its notes of neroli and mandarin with rose from Bulgaria and Turkey make this a sophisticated and modern fragrance.

Yes I am Bloom Up

If we talk about perfumes for women of five decades, this is ideal. Thanks to its notes of creamy sandalwood and red peony, the woman will feel a touch of optimism every time she wears this fragrance.

Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

Finally, among the most elegant women’s perfumes we find this one from Gucci. The aroma of this fragrance is wonderful, combining the sweet with the fruity-floral, thanks to the fact that pear and gardenia are very noticeable.

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