The Baskonia, a I want and I can not in Kaunas

The Baskonia, a I want and I can not in Kaunas

Those of Spahija cheer up late, squander their options and fall before a Zalgiris that is intoned

MADRID, Dec. 2 (.) –

Bitci Baskonia fell (72-68) this Thursday in their visit to Zalgiris on matchday 13 of the Euroleague, another suit for the Basque team this season, 4-9 at the bottom of the table, despite the fact that they rowed for avoid stumbling into the home of an increasingly intoned bottom until almost giving away the option of refloating.

Neven Spahija’s men still do not see the light that at times seemed to bring the new coach to Vitoria. The game is bad and, worst of all, the feelings are bad, from a team far from the trade that the ACB champion traditionally had two seasons ago.

In Kaunas, the game was in favor of the locals from the beginning, but Baskonia clung to it with the defense of the third quarter. A Zalgiris also in need escaped again, but Spahija’s men were able to turn their luck with a triple by Lamar Peters and a steal by Fontecchio that the Italian did not take advantage of.

In addition to the work that he brought from home, with the last defeats against Real Madrid and CSKA, the Basques threw more on their backs with a bad start in Kaunas. The Lithuanian flag, up to the top and encouraging its team in its resurgence (with this three victories, 3-10, in the last four games), made the visitors’ absent trusty wrists tremble even more.

With a 2 of 16 in triples, Baskonia went to rest, although they managed to level the score little by little until another bad part at the end of the second quarter (40-32). The Vitorian team did not move the ball well and only Enoch’s numbers stood out.

At the premises they had more to draw from, with Cavanaugh, Lekavicius, Nebo and Ulanovas at a good level. In the resumption, Baskonia laid the first stone to change their destiny, leaving their rival by 11 points in the third quarter, but at the beginning of the last, a couple of losses and a bad streak by Enoch allowed the local escape again , almost definitive (58-49).

With Granger and a Peters suddenly plugged in, Baakonia held on to the game in the last minute, although the ring spat the ball at Enoch. Since the free throw, Zalgiris had fattened his income but Peters’ triple made it 71-68 with 23 seconds remaining. Fontecchio stole the ball in the Lithuanian serve but did not know how to take advantage of the gift, he I want and I can not that Baskonia suffers.


–RESULT: ZALGIRIS KAUNAS, 72 – BITCI BASKONIA, 68. (40-32, at halftime).


ZALGIRIS KAUNAS: Strelnieks (5), Kalnietis (10), Milaknis (6), Cavanaugh (9) and Nebo (10) –initial quintet–; Blazevic (8), Webster (4), Lekavicius (13), Dragic (-), Miniotas (2), Ulanovas (5).

BITCI BASKONIA: Granger (11), Baldwin IV (7), Sedekerskis (7), Giedraitis (6) and Enoch (13) -initial quintet-; Peters (10), Marinkovic (-), Fontecchio (12), Nnoko (2), Kurucs (-).

–PARTIALS: 21-19, 19-13, 11-14, 21-22.

– REFEREES: Ryzhyk, Koromilas and Dragojevic. Without eliminated.

– PAVILION: Zalgirio Arena, 7,335 spectators.

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