The audios of Villarejo and Cospedal

Villarejo: “I have a hell of an issue against Podemos.” Cospedal: “It’s a bomb. I do want that.” He thus titles The country the information that he gives today exclusively with the audios in which Commissioner Villarejo talks with María Dolores de Cospedal in 2017, when the latter was nothing less than Minister of Defense.

The news continues as follows: “Interior, under the mandate of the PP, attacked Pablo Iglesias and his party in court with false evidence; the judges have shelved all the cases brought by the patriotic police.”

I think the most interesting paragraph of the journalistic piece is the following: “That was not an isolated case. Since its birth in 2014, Podemos and its main leaders have been the object of a campaign of political and judicial defamation orchestrated from the sewers of the State of the Ministry of the Interior during the mandate of the Government of Mariano Rajoy. This discrediting strategy has had the participation of certain media outlets that spread false information provided by the patriotic police about the purple party”.

Here we have the key. It is not only about corrupt and mafia police commissioners, it is not only about corrupt and mafia ministers of defense and interior of the PP, it is not only about judges at the service of a campaign of persecution against a political group and its leaders. It is also about the media and journalists who have lent themselves to lying, manipulating and defaming.

say that the Terradillosthe Indiathe Marhuendathe Graythe Quintanathe alsinethe Ferrerasthe blacksmiththe Valles… they have contributed to the dirty war against Podemos, spreading lies, reports and false news, it is not to single out journalists as my admirer said yesterday Esther Palomera from public television. It is simply, my friend Esther, to tell the truth, although that truth leaves a good part of the Spanish journalistic profession at the height of bitumen. But I am not to blame for this.

what you did today The country publishing the audios is very important and we must congratulate them, although perhaps they could have told what they knew earlier and not wait until July. And also to be congratulated Angels Barcelo that this morning said in the BE that the sewer problem is also a media problem. But what PRISA has done today, just like when they defended Assange, is an exception. Neither Terradillos, nor Inda, nor Marhuenda, nor Griso, nor Quintana, nor Alsina, nor Ferreras, nor Herrera, nor Vallés will ever be tried for lying and damaging Spanish democracy. Nor will they rectify their programs and the Royal House may continue to give them awards, precisely for their services to the Crown and corruption in general.

However, there is something good about all this. More and more people know the truth. More and more people know that in this country the media powers conspired and conspire together with judges, police and members of the executive to exterminate Podemos. Those same powers are working today to bring down a government in which the PSOE has had no choice but to have Podemos in its cabinet and reach agreements with the Basque and Catalan pro-independence lefts.

I hope he PSOEHopefully the journalists who work decently, hopefully the left that has not received the attacks that Podemos and the independentistas have received, understand that what we are talking about is not attacks on parties or specific leaders, but attacks on democracy. Hopefully they understand that the media power does not pay traitors and that they will not hesitate to tear them apart if they finally manage to put an end to Podemos and the independentistas. When the Nazis came to take away the communists, I kept silent, since I was not a communist…


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