The atypical campaign of Juanma Moreno in which there will be neither regional leaders nor Feijóo’s role

The PP changes its strategy. In the Andalusian elections of 2018 Pablo Casado settled in Andalusia. He had just been appointed president of the PP and went through all the provinces in more than 45 electoral acts. Four of them together with Juanma Moreno: he was at the start and at the end of the campaign. Next to him, the presence of Núñez Feijóo in the imminent electoral campaign of this 19J looks testimonial. He will only have six acts, in six of the eight provinces, and none will be either the beginning or the end of the campaign. The PP amends, decision after decision, the inheritance received in Genoa.

Elías Bendodo, number two for Moreno and three for Feijóo, is the one who has designed the Andalusian president’s electoral campaign. He did it too four years ago but the ‘Bendodo method’ has changed substantially. The strategy to bring Moreno back to the Junta de Andalucía involves reducing the presence of the PP regional presidents in the campaign to 0 and counting on them only during the pre-campaign.

López Miras and Alfonso Fernández Mañueco already they have lowered to Andalusia “and they are not going to come back”, they say in Genoa. From June 3 to 17, none of them are expected to be in the autonomous community, not even Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whom the popular ones point to as her main political value against the extreme right.

The president of the Community of Madrid will be this Tuesday in Jerez and Algeciras, in the province of Cádiz, and it is not part of the party’s plans to double its presence. One day, two acts and in pre-campaign. Juanma Moreno does not want more prominence than his. Of course, it is not by chance that Ayuso lands in Jerez, the most populous city in the province and governed by the PSOE. “Cádiz is a very important province and its presence there is very important to us,” said Bendodo on Monday.

If erasing the barons is one of the keys to the campaign, the other is remove the focus of Feijóo. The president of the PP will have his own agenda and will not coincide with Moreno except on one or two occasions. They will do it, for sure, on Saturday June 11 in Antequera, which will be the campaign center act. The leader of the popular has six official events on the agenda: June 3 in Malaga, 4 in Granada, 11 in Antequera, 12 in Jerez, 15 in Jaén and 16 in Almería.

Objective: soundproof Juanma

What will the campaign talk about? “We have a transversal message in Andalusia that is very similar to Feijóo“, say sources from Genoa. Moreno Bonilla, like the president of the PP, wants a silent electoral campaign, away from noise and controversies such as the one carried out by Elías Bendodo when he assured that Spain was a “plurinational” state. Opening cracks within of the party they tried to hide.

In this sense, limiting the presence of Díaz Ayuso or Fernández Mañueco – architect of the first regional government with Vox – to a minimum is a good way to reduce risks and soundproof the candidate as much as possible.

The PP thus retraces the path it began four years ago. In 2018 Paul married was for free and monopolized the campaign. In his solo acts, he barely mentioned the name of Moreno Bonilla, but dedicated himself to speaking in a national key, focusing on issues such as Catalan independence, the recentralization of powers and migration. He was the national president who had the most events in Andalusia.

Moreno, as he advanced 20 minutes, will also not have the presence of former presidents José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy. One more decision of an atypical strategy in the PP that breaks with the usual verticality.


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