The association of San Gil and Mayor Oreja makes Macron ugly who wants to make abortion a right in the EU

The letter, signed by the members of NEOS, Jaime Mayor Ear, president of the Values ​​and Society Foundation; Maria San Gil, vice president of the Villacisneros Foundation; Josep Miro, president of e-Christians; Y Anne of the Pine, European Federation coordinator One of Us, reproaches Macron for “inconsistency or ignorance” and assures that the Frenchman “has started the French presidency of the Council with an objective of a marked ideological and apart from the principles and foundations on which the EU stands”.

He also points out that it is an initiative that “to get ahead” would increase the “division within the union”, since “all member states would be forced to introduce abortion into their legislation as a new right, something that many countries flatly reject”.

For the signatories, the “Charter of Fundamental Rights” of the European Union makes it very clear in its first two articles “the inviolability of human dignity and the right to life”, so that in this legal framework it is not possible to recognize the right to abortion when, in addition, “one of the greatest achievements of Europe is, precisely, the recognition of human dignity and freedom”.

This is the full text of the letter:

Cher ami Macron

Forgive us that NEOS takes the confidence to write you this letter, but it is the least we could do after your speech to the European Parliament, with which the French presidency of the Council of the European Union began. His words, we must recognize him, have not left us indifferent. On the contrary, they have moved us. Or rather, they have worried us, a lot, and for various reasons.

You point out, and with good reason, that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights enshrines “the abolition of the death penalty throughout the European Union”. But immediately afterwards, due to inconsistency or ignorance, it encourages the recognition of the despicable and repulsive practice of abortion as a new fundamental right, an action of deadly violence exercised against our most defenseless members – the unborn – and against women.

We are surprised by this declaration of intent because, while the European Commission has launched a platform to hear the voice of the citizens by opening a debate on the future of Europe, you have launched the French presidency of the Council with a markedly ideological objective and outside of the principles and foundations on which the EU is based. This means, among other things, that the opinion of Europeans matters little or nothing to him.

It also means adding more tension, increasing division within the Union and fueling culture warfare. Because, if his proposal goes ahead, all member states would be forced to introduce abortion as a new right in their legislation, something that many countries flatly reject. It is paradoxical to try to impose on an issue like this, when on other more serious and immediate issues the EU has not yet given a unified response, such as having an immigration policy, a defense policy, an energy policy or a common international policy. For you, Mr Macron, however, it must seem extremely urgent to establish the death of an unborn human being as a right.

We recommend that you read the Charter of Fundamental Rights again, yes, from left to right and not the other way around. Thus you will see that its first two articles already enshrine the inviolability of human dignity and the right to life, principles that should shield us from inconsistencies such as the one you champion. Or more than inconsistencies, aberrations. Because it is aberrational that animal pets or trees have more legal protection, which no one can liquidate only through a unilateral appeal to need or desire, than the life of a pregnant woman. Because, if instead of a surrogate mother, we spoke of a dependent person, it would not even cross our minds that the subjective need or desire of their caregiver would be enough reason to kill them. That, in fact, we call homicide.

One of Europe’s greatest achievements is precisely the recognition of human dignity and freedom. There is no doubt in your mind that many Europeans are willing to mobilize to defend them. From NEOS, together with numerous civil organizations and citizen movements that believe in human dignity from the first moment of it -as science has shown us-, we will continue working to build a response in favor of the right to life , of all life regardless of their stage of development, their abilities or their state of health.

Don’t worry and rest assured, President Macron, that at NEOS we will remain vigilant to correct your next nonsense that attacks the defense of life and the dignity of people. Because Not Everything Goes / It seems that tout n’est pas égal.

À tres bientôt.


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