The Argentine journalist Alfredo Leuco dismantles the Kirchner regime in three devastating videos

Alfred Leuco He is one of the most prestigious journalism professionals in Argentina. Head-on against Kirchnerism, from his program Leuco gives him his word of the channel The nation He is one of the strongest voices in defense of democracy and against the regime that the Kirchnerist power is establishing in the country.

In recent weeks, three of its programs have caused a stir in Argentina due to the efficiency and roundness with which Leuco dismantles various aspects of the regime and its international alliances.

In the first of them, at the end of last June, the Argentine journalist denounced the complicity of the Argentine government with Iranian terrorism after a plane that had to stop over in Buenos Aires due to lack of fuel carried 14 Venezuelans and 5 Iranians as a crew, double the official requirement. In addition, a judge is investigating the Iranian crew members for alleged links with the terrorist group Al-Quds Brigades.

Israel links the plane to arms trafficking for terrorist groups and Leuco recalls that “two Argentine deputies filed a cover-up complaint against the heads of national security, Minister Aníbal Fernández and the spy chief, Agustín Rossi, who said that the Iranian pilot had the same name as the terrorist and that the Iranians were flight instructors. Affirmations that have led the journalist to blame the Kirchner government for “accomplice of Iranian terrorism.”

Especially when it has become known that “the expert’s report on the mobile phone of the Iranian pilot of the plane revealed that it contained photos of militias, tanks, a slogan against Israel and a photo of a young man dressed in the uniform of the so-called Revolutionary Guard of Iranfounded by Ayatollah Khomeini after the Islamist revolution. The plane is still being held for this alleged link to terrorism that the Argentine government is trying to cover up.

The “fascism of the left” of La Cámpora

In the second, he harshly analyzes the performance of La Campora –the youthful and violent groups of Kirchnerism– and what he calls his “left wing fascism” in reference to an unfortunate event at the University of Buenos Aires, where in an act that reminds us of things that happened in Spain, the deputy and former minister was prevented from Ricardo Lopez Murphy access the room where he was going to give a talk.

“Similar sample of totalitarian intolerance it took place in a temple of thought and pluralism as any university should. These big boys like their boss, Maximo Kirchnerthey think owners of the truth. They see themselves as revolutionaries and are thought police, ideological gendarmes and Soviet-style political commissars,” the journalist points out.

“They will not pass,” he assures at another point in his speech, “because if they pass and finish assaulting the Argentine state we will be condemned to be Venezuela. We cannot allow it,” he exclaims. “The government of these authoritarians is multiplying hunger among the humblest and retirees, it is bankrupting small businesses and destroying peaceful coexistence,” culminated his accurate criticism.

The complicity of Pope Francis

Finally, in the third of the videos, he analyzes an equally funny show that It also has Pope Francis I as its protagonist.who received Pablo Moyano at the Vatican, one of the most radical trade unionists in the country “who lives like a millionaire and who uses extortive methods such as blocking companies,” according to Leuco.

The journalist recalls other meetings of the Pope with figures from the Kirchner regime, such as “Horse Suareza robber gunman who was imprisoned and who unexpectedly regained his freedom. Horse he had his office upholstered with photos, blessings and rosaries from Father Jorge and even his radio was called that way,” he explains.

Or the “historic meeting of the many he had with Cristina and The Raven Andres Larroque who he made him appear with a shirt from La Cámpora. Remember?”.

Leuco regrets that “there are many honest and supportive people who dream of being received by the Pope who do not have that possibility. But Pablo Moyano enters the Vatican as Pancho through his house“.

He explained that the trade unionist is “known as the wild among their own peers, “he took advantage of the situation” and being received at the Vatican to “threaten ‘the speculative businessmen: stop screwing around and not steal the plate of food from the Argentines'”. Words that, as Leuco pointed out, were spoken by “who lives like a tycoon and is part of the oldest trade union oligarchy” in Argentina.


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