The Andalusian PSOE rejects an abstention to the PP and seeks to be the most voted force


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The Andalusian PSOE led by Juan Espadas is on a crusade to mobilize “even the cats”, according to sources from San Vicente, so that in this way be the first force and bend the polls: all of them give the PP of Juanma Moreno as the first force, who with Vox would add an absolute majority, as in Madrid and in Castilla y León. “There are going to be many who do not know where to go when we are the most voted list,” socialist sources assure Public.

Espadas himself, in statements to Public “firmly and emphatically” rules out an abstention from the PP: “I am going to win and I want to know if this time the PP would agree with Vox as it did in 2018 [El PSOE ganó las elecciones, pero Moreno cerró un gobierno con Ciudadanos y un acuerdo de investidura con Vox, luego le añadió tres presupuestos]. The PP is not going to govern with our abstention in any case because the next day it would agree on the budget with Vox“.

In his first months in office, Espadas sought agreements with the PP of Juanma Moreno – the first to agree in Spain with the extreme right – one in particular, that of budgets. However, in the end, it was not done. The PSOE believes that because Moreno did not want to get away from Vox. “Let him be brave and say it Moreno Bonilla”. Why is Espadas convinced that the PP has no interest in agreements with the PSOE? “I am convinced after seeing what they have done in Castilla y León [donde PP y Vox han conformado un Gobierno de coalición]. They had not done so before and I could believe that another scenario was possible if they showed in writing that they would not agree with Vox, but that scenario no longer exists from Castilla y León,” says Espadas.

Ángeles Férriz, his number two, the deputy secretary general, abounds, in conversation with Publicin these arguments: “If Juan Espadas is the most voted, does anyone believe that the PP would abstain?“, he wonders. “We are the only alternative to Moreno-Olona and we are going to win,” he adds.

“The PP cannot resort to the most voted list only when they are the most voted list. The most voted in Andalusia are the socialists. Why was it not respected then? Why did the PP not abstain then? Why Why wasn’t there a cordon sanitaire for Vox like in Europe? Why, on the contrary, did the door open wide to the extreme right, to fascism?”, Férriz launches.

She herself answers: “It’s enough of hypocrisy and cynicism. The PP is a party that is willing to do anything to be in power. As it has shown: In this legislature in Andalusia they have made four pacts with Vox [Investidura y tres presupuestos]. They govern with them in Castilla y León. They vote everything together in Congress.”

The right of all life

“It’s alright. Moreno – he adds – was the first to open the door to Vox, laying a red carpet and whitewashing the extreme right. And Feijóo was the first to endorse a joint government. Someone is going to doubt that if they add up, Wouldn’t they govern together? Or since Feijóo is not going to Mañueco’s inauguration, does that exempt him from responsibility? It’s enough to deceive people. If they are delighted with a party that wants to leave Europe, that wants to end our autonomy, that they be brave and say so. That the Andalusians know what they vote for. That it is enough to manipulate, to deceive, to hide the acronyms. They are the right wing of all life, with their first cousins ​​the extreme right, of all life”.

For the socialist strategists, beyond the wolf of the extreme right, which has proven innocuous in other elections -Madrid and Castilla y León-, and to which 20% of the electorate in Andalusia has already lost their fear, it is important in this campaign link the PP to Vox. In this way, they intend to prevent Moreno from imposing his framework and his speech, outside of the acronym, away from ideology, in which he sells moderation and ecumenism. What for in the end? They ask themselves at the PSOE headquarters: to hide their ideology and agree with Vox, they answer.

“They are cowards – Férriz analyzes – why do they hide their ideas, their acronyms? To deceive people. Why doesn’t Moreno want a high turnout? Because if people vote, they wouldn’t vote for him. But they are the right , the same one that managed another crisis and decided to save the banks instead of families, the one that killed everything public, the same one that left so many people to their fate… Because they don’t know about public services, about the necessary network for there to be equality, to try to ensure that no one is left behind: they only understand business”.

“How are PP and Vox going to defend the workers, if they have voted against the increase in the minimum wage, against the labor reform, if they are against collective bargaining? How are they going to defend the people who have less if they don’t support the minimum vital income either? And that milonga that they defend farmers if the right has trampled them all their lives, if they have only favored the big landowners, if they haven’t voted in favor of the law of the food chain? Does the PP believe that the farmers are going to forget how they took aid from those who received less than 300 euros while they fattened up the large incomes?


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