The Andalusian left has only nine days to iron out rough edges and close an electoral coalition

On May 5, in nine days, the term ends so that Podemos, IU, Más País, Equo and other smaller Andalusian and ecological forces close an agreement to present themselves jointly to the next regional elections. A confluence from which Teresa Rodríguez and hers Adelante Andalucía from her have already disassociated themselves. If they have not been able to reach an agreement on that date, there will no longer be a confluence in Andalusia and we will have to wait to see how the country project promoted by Yolanda Díaz is configured with the left of the most populous community divided into Taifa kingdoms and each time more atomized.

Once the electoral call has been published in the Official Gazette of the Board, everything is assessed and regulated by the electoral regulations, which establishes that the coalitions that want to compete in the elections on June 19 must present a written document to the Electoral Board in which they indicate which parties make it up. The law says that this must be done “before the ninth day after the elections are called,” which in the case of these elections would be May 5. The presentation of the lists comes later, between the 11th and 16th of next month.

Thus, the parties are currently working against the clock to resolve disagreements, iron out rough edges and generate the necessary confidence to be able to announce an agreement on which they have been working for months. According to the sources consulted, although there are relevant issues, such as money, on which there are principles of agreement, the issue of the brand still has to be definitively resolved – one possibility is Through Andalusiawhich does not finish convincing Podemos–, the headliner and the details of the candidacies, the starting positions in each of the provinces.

we can want that Juan Antonio Delgado, civil guard, one of the pioneers of the AUGC, deputy today in Congress, lead the coalition; IU has as proper names the coordinator, Tony Valeroand the parliamentary spokesperson, Inma Grandson. More Country wants someone independent to help widen the space and prevent the coalition from becoming a United We Can 3.0.

To simmer

The leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, trusted on Tuesday that the negotiations would reach a “successful port.” Errejón, who left Podemos three years ago to found the new party, stressed that the decision to be part of this confluence is exclusive to his colleagues in this community. The idea, for Errejón, is a candidacy of unity, which allows the articulation of a “progressive”, “green” and “transversal” pole for Andalusia with a vocation to govern, according to him. Europe Press.

Despite the ticking of the clock, the leader of IU Andalucía Toni Valero opted to apply at this time the old saying of dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry, and stated that the best thing at this time was for the coalition to go well “cook it over low heat” “We are simmering what has to be done well and, therefore, the last thing to do, in a scenario where an agreement is being worked for, is to set a specific date or time to close it,” Valero said in Cordoba.

In this coalition will not be Adelante Andalucía, the project led by Teresa Rodríguez, who has decided to present herself as a kind of left-wing Andalusian Party. Nor does Andalusia itself, a formation that has some mayors and obtained 22,000 votes in the regional elections, which joined forces with Más País in Andaluces Levantaos and intends to take that brand to the polls.


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