The Andalusian left demands from Moreno, who sells dialogue, concrete measures against drought and inflation

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno (PP), who opens an absolute majority, held meetings this Thursday with the leaders of the opposition parties in search of promoting a dialogue profile away from the roller, of which, as soon as it began The parliamentary spokespersons for the PSOE, Ángeles Ferriz, and For Andalusia, Inma Nieto, have accused him.

Thus, his lieutenant, Antonio Sanz, one of the scourges of socialism in Andalusia, wanted to enhance the profile of his boss and announced that his idea is to institutionalize dialogue with the opposition with monthly contacts. “It is good for Andalusia that we manage from responsibility and dialogue. We have a sufficient majority, yes. But we want to listen and seek agreements with all the parliamentary groups. Today, the first step with a round of meetings. The dialogue will be constant throughout the legislature”, Moreno stated.

The forces of the left decided to combat this strategy of the PP and sought in their meeting in San Telmo to go down to the ground of the concrete and, with proposals in hand, demanded specific measures from the president, especially against the drought and the effect of inflation. in family economies.

Juan Espadas, leader of the PSOE, appeared after the meeting and, in the midst of an offensive by Moreno’s PP against President Sánchez, whom they daily try to erode by land, sea and air, he wanted to bring the debate on the drought to Andalusia and move it away from Madrid. Espadas guaranteed support for the measures demanded by Moreno from the Government of Spain, but he also summoned him to govern: Espadas affirmed that 60% of the water consumed by the Andalusian population depends on the Junta de Andalucía.

The PSOE put on the table 13 specific measures to help families that would cost, according to Espadas, 862 million euros in total. Among them: discounts on transportation; a reduction in mortgages that compensates for the increase; reduction of rates and public prices; direct aid to families and the self-employed; improve home help and reduce the price of child care.

“We work as an alternative government, not as an opposition that is going to sleep for four years. Confidence is recovered with work every day and proposals every day,” said Espadas in defense of the approach he has decided to give these years swimming against the current. .

“The agreements – he added – are possible if there is a will. The PP has a dilemma: before they approached because they did not have a majority. Now they have it. The budget debate only depends on one question, does the PP want or not incorporate any proposal from the opposition?” Swords wondered. “We have the opportunity to build a different dialogue between the government and the opposition. It is the opportunity to check if their commitment to an absolute majority is real,” he added.


A similar attitude to that of Swords took Adelante Andalucía before the call of the president. Teresa Rodríguez came with ten measures, among which were aid for rent payments, a moratorium on tourist housing, free nurseries, an environmental pact that protects Doñana, paralyzes mining projects in areas of environmental value and controls what they do the large multinationals, in addition to ending allowances and expenses and privileges of senior officials, such as layoffs and appraisals. She also put an end to temporary settlements and a line of aid for electricity self-consumption.

“You can’t govern for the whole world, it’s not real. It governs in favor of the big ones,” Rodríguez warned again about Moreno’s intentions, but stated that, although they are at the “ideological antipodes”, he trusts that there will be a certain margin for agreement with the Andalusian Government on some issues. “We’re looking to get wins for the people,” Rodriguez said.

For Andalusia, the coalition in which IU, Más País and Podemos are, among other forces, directly attacked Moreno’s strategy. Thus, the spokeswoman for the parliamentary group, Inmaculada Nieto, stated that the meeting was good to “exchange impressions” on “concerns” that European funds share, such as the drought, but she stated forcefully that the “speech” by hand extended that Moreno wields does not match the facts: “Right now there is more imposition, more use of roller with the absolute majority than dialogue and outstretched hand”.

Nieto, like PSOE and Adelante, also opened up to agreeing things with the Board: “There are issues on the table of sufficient depth and importance to generate some type of agreement or shared reflection that generates a certain margin of package of measures that all the formations it may seem possible for us to put in common”.

“In the end, the discourse of using the absolute majority by reaching out will be demonstrated with the facts, with daily practice”: “So far this is not tangible, it does not accompany Moreno’s words,” Nieto clinched, according to collects Europa Press.


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