The advisor to the Ministry of Equality accused of being the ‘nanny’ of the children of Montero and Iglesias requests the file

Judge Juan José Escalonilla has received a brief from the defense of Theresa Arevalodeputy director of the Cabinet at the Ministry of Equality, in which she requests the archive of the case about her alleged role as ‘babysitter’ of the eldest daughter of the minister Irene Montero and Pablo Iglesias in 2019. “All possible procedures have been carried out to find evidence of the facts imputed to my client, without any of them being able to corroborate, because it is false, that he carried out work as a babysitter”, is stated in the letter, to which he has had access Public.

This line of investigation for alleged embezzlement opened as a result of the complaint of Monica Carmonaformer head of Regulatory Compliance for Podemos, focuses on whether Teresa Arévalo, leader of the purple formation, acted as a caregiver for Montero’s daughter with party funds.

Carmona denounced that Montero “regularly” used Arévalo to take care of his daughter. Specifically, she said that both made a trip to Alicante on October 20, 2019 to attend an electoral rally and that, when the ‘purple’ leader had to intervene, she left the minor with her then chief of staff. .

But Mónica Carmona did not provide evidence, she only indicated that it was an “open secret” and that a “confidential internal complaint” had reached her, but she has not revealed the name of the complainant. Even so, the judge decided to open preliminary proceedings.

The defense maintains that “the opening of the procedure was carried out on the sole basis of a complaint (…) without any evidence to support it.” It also states that “Teresa Arévalo has been a leader of Podemos almost since its foundation and continues to be so today, having held many positions and performed numerous tasks in it.”

The different witnesses who have testified have made it clear that Teresa Arévalo was not taking care of the minister’s daughter. Even a former employee, with “animus” against Irene Montero, as stated in the letter, declared that Arévalo was a deputy and that she did not take care of the minister’s children. The former employee, from the Logistics area, also stated that she did not attend any act in which Arévalo took care of Irene Montero’s children.

That same former employee of Podemos pointed, however, to another person as the guardian of the little ones: a former employee of the Podemos Press Office in the Congress of Deputies, Gara Santana. This time no evidence has been provided either, but Judge Escalonilla has summoned the journalist as an alleged nanny to be investigated on May 10.

The defense of Teresa Arévalo considers that it has been proven that the trip to Alicante, which Carmona pointed out as one of the occasions in which the then coordinator of the Montero Cabinet took care of her daughter, was on the occasion of an electoral act when Arévalo was a candidate. of Podemos by Toledo.

“The damage suffered by Teresa Arévalo after a year of constant media references that only refer to her as “the nanny” or “the nanny” is indisputable, and we are convinced that the court will put an end to it by agreeing to the free dismissal and file of the procedure regarding my
represented”, exposes the defense.


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