The 4 Places in the United States Where There Are Ice Castles (Visit Them This Winter)

This year you can fulfill your winter fantasy of spend a day touring an ice castle. These icy attractions are available in four cities across the United States and each one offers different landscapes, caverns and frozen slides, perfect for a family outing.

The ice castles of the United States emerged thanks to a father looking to entertain his children. After moving with his family from California to Utah, Brent Christensen had the idea of ​​creating an icy adventure for his children. The first winter they spent in the hive state, the man used his garden to create a frozen ice cave, which soon attracted the attention of the other children in the neighborhood, thus a unique attraction was born and, by 2011, the company Ice Castles began operating.

The Ice Castles facilities welcome visitors throughout January, February and may remain open in March, depending on weather conditions. Tickets are available at the box office, as well as on their website, prices vary depending on the venue, with costs between US$16 and US$30. This winter, ice castles will open their doors in four different locations in the United States.

Colorado Ice Castle

Ice Castle offers slides and frozen sculptures; as well as caverns, a labyrinth, passageways and icy tunnels. In addition, it makes available to visitors an “arctic bedroom,” which can accommodate up to six people and “is perfect for a marriage proposal and other special occasions,” indicates the official Ice Castles site. This attraction is located at 339 Irene Ave, in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Minnesota Ice Castle

At the icy attraction located at 12500 82nd Ave N in Maple Grove, Minnesota, visitors can enjoy sculptures, passages, caverns, slides and ice arches, as well as reserve the “Arctic Alcove” for a special event or enjoy a couple of drinks at the polar pub.

Ice castles offer attractions such as ice slides, caverns and icy arches.

Utah Ice Castle

Located at the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center at 2002 Olympic Drive in Midway, Utah, this ice castle offers frozen attractions such as slides, slides and caverns, as well as beautiful ice sculptures and a space for special events. Besides, visitors can book a sleigh ridewhich will take you on a beautiful winter trail around the forest.

New Hampshire Ice Castle

At the Ice Castle facility in New Hampshire, visitors They can find a winter fairy village and enjoy a “light walk in a mystical forest”. This ice castle offers the fun of slides and amazing icy caverns, as well as a pub, sleigh rides and snow activities. It is located at 24 Clark Farm Road in North Woodstock.

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