The 100 ominous days of Petro

The first 100 days of the administration of Gustavo Petro, so absurd that they would be enough to write a book, starting with the fact that this communist allied himself with the entire corrupt political class, which he criticized all his life, so that they would put his crazy reforms on him in exchange for a ticket. But a part of society continues to be so hopeful of “change” that Mr. Petro still shows favorable results in the polls, as if people were getting caught and didn’t realize it.

It’s like they didn’t realize that the Tax Reform is going to touch the pocket of all of us, from the poorest, not only to the richest as they had promised us. A reform that taxes soft drinks, fritters, custard, sausages, table chocolate, coffee, cereals, cookies, condiments, ice cream, confectionery and even consecrated hosts, risking stability of thousands of neighborhood stores that support the families of their owners and their helpers, in addition to the thousands of jobs in large, medium, and small companies that make these products. And that is only one aspect, the truth is that we are all going to scream. For less they tried to set the country on fire.

It’s like they didn’t realize that the vaunted “change” is more of the same, or worse. Petro’s bench in Congress did not allow his salary to be lowered with absurd arguments, promising that it would be from 2026. He will dawn and we will see. The circus possession of Petro, including the act of Bolívar’s sword, cost 3,571 million pesos. The party and food in his honor was worth 68 million; the party and food of the vice president, 52 million. To fulfill the purpose of “living tasty”, they bought goose feather blankets, giant televisions to watch the World Cup in Qatar and ceramic hobs to cook the sancocho, among other items, for hundreds of millions of pesos. Nothing, however, in comparison with what the little trips of doña Francia, de la Alcocer and del Petro are costing us.

It’s like they didn’t realize that Petro surrounded himself very badly and appointed people to high positions who leave much to be desired. To begin with, he sent three bandits investigated for corruption and drug trafficking as ambassadors to Venezuela (Benedetti), Nicaragua (Muñoz) and Argentina (Romero). She appointed, as Minister of Mines, an enemy of oil and gas, except if they are brought from Venezuela; as Minister of Health to the worst enemy of the EPS, Mrs. Corcho, who requested less budget for her sector in 2023 and said that a health crisis had to be created for people to ask to change it. It’s recorded!; as Minister of Defense to a declared enemy of the Military Forces; lifelong Marxists as Ministers of Labor and Culture; as chancellor to a well-known sympathizer of the Farc, and as vice chancellor to a foreigner!

But let’s continue. In Family Well-being, she named Concha Baracaldo, without any experience in childhood, just because she was a friend of Alcocer; in the National Mining Agency, an anti-mining par excellence; in the National Protection Unit, a former M-19 guerrilla (Rodríguez); in the National Intelligence Directorate, another former M-19 militant (Casanova), and one more in Migration (García). At the head of the Land Restitution Unit, he appointed Giovani Yule, an indigenous person who promotes invasions and expropriations in Cauca. Anyway…

It’s like they didn’t realize that the massacres continue: in these 100 days, at least 43 social leaders have been assassinated, according to Indepaz statistics, and dozens of soldiers and police officers in the line of duty. They blamed Duque for those crimes and asked him to stop those massacres. Why hasn’t Petro stopped them?

It is as if they had not realized that everything this government announces is based on encourage crime. That there should be no jail if the offender “repairs” the victim. That there will be no compulsory eradication of illicit crops, much less with glyphosate. That there will be no extradition for the supercapos who take advantage of “total peace”, and they will be able to keep 10% of their fortune. That there will be no bombing of guerrilla camps if there are minors, and that there are, there are. That they are going to get the hitmen of the president, those on the front lines, out of jails. That the government is going to recruit a million bandits and is going to pay them 800,000 pesos a month. That Iván Márquez was “trapped”… I quote! That is why the sweep of generals was necessary: ​​a delinquent government that hands over the country to crime.

It is as if they had not realized that this government he has washed his hands with many of his promises: he will not forgive all the Icetex credits and the Minister of Agriculture announced that four years are not enough to award three million hectares, if anything, half. But since Petro is not interested in a vigorous country but an impoverished one, we can be sure that he will not even distribute 500,000.

With the Petro’s obsession with “degrowth” and “decarbonization”, with the approval of an abominable tax reform and with deplorable economic indicators (inflation of more than 12%, devaluation of more than 25%, interest rate of 11% , unemployment of 10.7%, informality of 58.3%, etc.), we have the perfect conditions for a recession from which we do not know if the country will ever emerge, given the president’s aversion against the market and capital. La Mazzucato says that to distribute wealth you must first create it, but he only listens to what is convenient for him.

The mere fact of wanting to put an end to the exploration and exploitation of oil, gas and coal, and kill the little goose that lays the golden eggs, Ecopetrol, is enough to consider these 100 days as the darkest period in our history. And there are still 1,360 to go (and, perhaps, one more than a leap year) for this scoundrel to leave.

We fell very short doing this memory review, but there is no doubt that no one had done so much to end Colombia in such a short time. It is that there are characters that, although evil, are true geniuses.


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